How sonali bendre fought victory against cancer

by Madhvi Bansal
sonali bendre

In 2018, Bollywood Actor Sonali Bendre shocked everyone by revealing on social media that she had been diagnosed with ‘high-grade cancer’. After being diagnosed and treatment in US, she is now cancer free. Now, Sonali opened up about her fight against cancer, the treatment and how she and her husband reacted to it. she has stressed on various things on how she won the battle. 

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Early signals 

Sonali Bendre said that she kept on ignoring the early signals her body was giving her. She comes down to the fact that my body was giving me signals, but I was not looking at it as I should have.” Sonali Bendre emphasised on the importance of early detection and awareness when it comes to dealing with cancer. Sonali openly shared her fight against cancer story on social media too. 

Family Support

Actor said, she got amazing support from her husband Goldie and her sister Rupa. As her son Ranveer was concerned,he taken the whole situation in a much matured way and said ” “Mumma and me have read a book. This is going to be a tough time, we’re all in it together.” I felt he was tiptoeing around the process, but when he came a for the chemotherapy he said okay this is not so bad. I thought there would be blood and tubes.

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On being positive

when she was asked about her on NO HAIR, she said, “Honestly, it is easier. A lot of baggage is off. Somewhere I realised, I was hiding a lot behind my hair. It is nice to look at it from all angles. My body is different, but I am making peace with it. It takes a lot of threshold tp do that. I will be ok with my imperfections. I will find beauty in them.

Treatment in US

Actor also shared why she chose to go to the US for her treatment. she said, her husband was not willing to take any chance and chosen US Hospital as this was the only disease that they (the hospital) dealt with.