International Updates: Top 10 International News Of This Week

by Shatakshi Gupta
  • United States lawmakers led by Congresswoman Carolyn B Maloney from New York introduced a bill to declare Diwali a national holiday in the US. The MP announced the Deepavali Day Act in the House of Representatives. The landmark law is getting support from several lawmakers, including Indian-American representative Raja Krishnamoorthi. Meanwhile, Krishnamurthy also introduced a resolution in the US Congress to recognize the religious and historical significance of the festival of lights. 
  • UK health regulators have approved the world’s first pill to treat cases of symptomatic COVID-19. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has found the antiviral molnupiravir to be safe and effective in reducing the risk of hospitalization and death in people with mild to moderate COVID-19.  Who are at increased risk of getting the disease. 
  • The United States of America (USA) has joined the International Solar Alliance (ISA) as a member country.  The US is now the 101st country to sign the framework agreement of the ISA. The framework agreement was formally signed by John Kerry, the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. It shows that nations around the world are recognizing the economic and climate mitigation value of solar as well as the potential of this energy source as a catalyst for the global energy transition.
  • US President Joe Biden’s administration has agreed to issue permits for the right to automatic work to spouses (H-4 visas) of H-1B visa holders.  Thousands of Indians living in America will get the benefit of this. In fact, a large number of H-1B visa holders are Indian IT professionals. H-4 visas are issued to close family members (spouse and children under 21 years of age) of H-1 visa holders. According to US rules, they were asked to wait to get the permit again while the permit application document was pending. H4 visas are available to those who have already started the process of PR status in the US.
  • Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) leader Fumio Kishida has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of Japan. He has been made the Prime Minister (PM) of Japan after the victory of the LDP in the 2021 parliamentary election. Fumio Kishida replaces Yoshihide Suga, who resigned as Prime Minister of Japan in September 2021.  Fumio Kishida was elected prime minister by Japan’s parliament just a month ago. It was only after being elected PM that Fumio Kishida decided to hold elections, in which his party won 261 seats in the 465-member lower house. 
  • Along with COP26, India has been ranked 10th in the Global Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2022 released by Germanwatch. In 2020 also India was ranked 10th. India has retained its position as the top 10 best performing countries with high climate performance for the third year in a row.  Meanwhile, the top three spots in the overall rankings are once again vacant as none of the countries have performed well enough to earn a very high rating in the CCPI as a whole. Denmark occupied the fourth position as the highest ranked country in the CCPI 2022, followed by Sweden (5th), and Norway (6th) respectively. Other countries in the top 10 are the United Kingdom (7th), Morocco (8th) and Chile (9th).

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  •  After the Corona pandemic, on one hand the unemployment crisis has increased in the whole world, while there has been a sudden rise in the number of people leaving the job in America.  According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 44 million Americans resigned in September. In August, 43 lakh people had left their jobs and a month before that in July, 36 lakh people had resigned.  According to the Washington Post report, most of the people who leave the job are associated with the hospitality or retail sector. There are some who have been contemplating changing jobs for a long time.  There is also a reason that people are moving towards startups fast. There are more women than men leaving the job. 

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  • The Taliban has set up a military tribunal to enforce Islamic law, in Afghanistan. According to the Taliban administration, this tribunal has been created on the orders of Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada. The tribunal will have the power to interpret Sharia rulings and issue decrees related to Islamic civil law. This tribunal will make everyone follow Sharia law.  The tribunal will be empowered to file petitions against Taliban officials, members of the police, military and intelligence units. 
  • Due to the increasing cases in the third wave of Corona, many countries have to be strict again. Corona is increasing rapidly, especially in Europe. In the last few days, lakhs of new cases have been reported across Europe and 20 lakh cases have been reported in the last week. Seeing the situation deteriorating, the Netherlands has decided to impose a three-week partial lockdown from Saturday evening. During this, restaurants and shops of non-essential goods will be closed soon.  At the same time, the entry of spectators in big sports events will also be banned.
  • Communist Party’s of China declared  Xi Jinping the biggest leader of China after Mao and Deng. He will remain president till 2027. After this decision, Jinping’s name has become immortal in the party’s historic achievements. Now voices against Jinping will be considered a crime in China.  Every voice raised against him will be suppressed.