POST FANI CYCLONE: What all left and what all lost

by Madhvi Bansal
Post fani

A Storm that washed away traces of life and killed more than 50 people in Asian subcontinent.

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Last weekend on Friday night, India and Bangladesh were swept with an extremely severe cyclone Fani. The cyclone struck the coastal areas of Odisha with heavy rains and with the wind speed of 200 miles per hour, it travelled to Bangladesh. Immediately after the news of the storm, it was reported that more than 40 people in India and 20 people in Bangladesh were dead.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, cyclone Fani was undoubtedly the strongest storm to strike the Asian Subcontinent in decades. The rescue teams on the scene also reported that the storm tore away anything and everything in its path. From knocking down power grids to uprooting trees and houses, the storm spared nothing.

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Odisha is not the only state to get affected

Odisha was not the only Indian state to be bashed by cyclone Fani. Few hours after destructing life and livelihood in Odisha, the storm entered West Bengal, causing havoc and heavy rains. Luckily no loss of life and any severe injuries were logged. The destruction forced more than 1 lakh people to abandon their homes and stay at various shelter homes set up by government’s relief and rehabilitation commissions.

Now that the rescue teams have shifted through the debris, the government and citizens of India are doing everything to bring life on track for the people in both the states. Odisha being affected worse than any other region, thousands of people from the neighboring states have volunteered to provide any sort of help required. The government has restored the power grids and water supply, the rubble has been lifted off, and the roads have once again been open for rescue operations and travel purpose.

To contribute to the ongoing help provided by the government, the citizens of India are donating money through various digital payment systems like Phonepe, Paytm, etc. Hopefully soon, the condition of the affected Indian regions will get better and the storm would pass. But, until then, other coastal regions like Andhra and Tamil Nadu are also on high alert and the cyclone Fani is monitored constantly.