Why is there a rage against Agneepath? Steps taken by the government to dial down protests

by Shatakshi Gupta

The Central Government’s “Agneepath Scheme,” introduced for recruitment in the three defence forces of the nation, has drawn criticism. On the one hand, the administration is congratulating itself for coming up with such a fantastic scheme. On the other side, young students have protested the Agnipath Scheme in many states by taking to the streets. Vandalism and arson have also occurred in numerous locations in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Young protestors pelted bricks and stones across the nation, from Uttar Pradesh to Telangana and from Bihar to Madhya Pradesh.

Apprehensions in young minds:

The young lads participating in the “Agneepath programme” are visibly upset over having the chance to join the military for only four years. After four years of employment, younger employees will be retired. Only 25% of the recruits will be retained in the army. The students are protesting this, as well.

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Nobody is embracing the idea of retiring 75% of the young employees after four years of service. The youth who becomes “Agniveer” in 17 and a half years, according to candidates, won’t have a professional degree or any other unique qualifications, making him destined for positions of lower status. Moreover, the last recruitment took place before the Pandemic and during this period many youngsters have crossed the eligible age bracket for becoming Agniveer. So, this creates dissatisfaction among many job seekers in the defence forces.

What government did?

The Ministry of Home Affairs has informed by tweeting that it has been decided to give 10 percent reservation to Agniveers in CAPF and Assam Rifles.  The ministry tweeted and wrote that the Ministry of Home Affairs has taken an important decision to reserve 10% vacancies for Agniveers who have completed 4 years under the Agneepath scheme in recruitment to CAPFs and Assam Rifles. Along with this, it has also been decided to give relaxation in age limit for the youth. The CAPFs and Assam Rifles have decided to give three years relaxation in the maximum entry age limit prescribed to Agniveers for recruitment and 5 years for the first batch of the Agneepath scheme.

Besides, the Air Force has released the details on its website. According to this detail, during the four years of service, many facilities will be provided to  Agniveers, which will be according to the facilities available to permanent airmen. Agniveers will also get a travel allowance during the service period. Apart from this, they will get 30 days of leave in a year.  The arrangement for medical leave is different for them. Agniveers will also get the facility of CSD canteen. If unfortunately an Agniveer dies during the service (four years) then his family will get insurance cover. Under this, his family will get about Rs 1 crore.