Rahul gandhi a failed or an undervalued person?

by Madhvi Bansal
rahul gandhi

Since 2014 elections, ‘Pappu’ has become a mock name for Congress’s Rahul Gandhi.  Even after the electoral defeat, many party leaders also consider him as ‘Pappu’. The nickname given to Rahul Gandhi proves true to many people including the leaders of several parties after Rahul faced the electoral defeat in Lok Sabha elections 2019 as well. Even in the electoral drives in the past 2-3 years, he himself regarded as ‘Pappu’ for representing a polite and civilised face of politics. 

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Failure of RG as the party president

Rahul Gandhi entered into the politics 2004 by contesting in Lok Sabha election from Amethi Seat. After that in 2007, he was declared as the general secretary of Congress in UP. Later in 2013, he had sworn in as the Vice-President of Congress. From this, there were strong speculations   that he would become the next president of the party and these speculations became the reality in 2017 when he was declared as the President of Congress for the betterment of the country. However, after facing the harsh defeat from BJP in the Lok Sabha elections 2019, there were noises that Rahul Gandhi is planning to resign as the party president but no confirmation has been from the party’s side.

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Possible reasons for the failure of Rahul as party President

It would not be surprising for Rahul Gandhi to know the results of Lok Sabha elections 2019 declared on May 23. As this was not the first time that Congress has faced the defeat since Rahul’s enter into the politics. Rahul Gandhi failed because he had no administrative experience and has never won any election outside Amethi. His frequent gaffs and lack of oratory added to his agony. Pointless arguments made him earn the nickname of ‘Pappu’ which implies the lack of intelligence. In the past few months, he had expressed the grave aggression against PM Narendra  Modi on pints like agrarian crisis and a flailing economy. After PM considered himself as Chowkidar of the country, Rahul Gandhi had reverted ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’.

As usual, the doors for the new entrants in Congress party remains closed this time also while BFP has taken the benefit of launching the new but known faces. This led the party to swipe Congress from various Indian States after the Lok Sabha elections 2019