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Here Are Some Delicious Traditional Desserts You Can Cook On Rakshabandhan

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In our country, if something is not cooked at the festival, then the festival seems incomplete.  In our country sweets are made and eaten according to the festivals.  Such as Gujhias on Holi, Rasgulla on Diwali and Ghevar on Rakshabandhan.  On the festival of Rakhi, the sisters also prepare a lot of dishes and sweets of their brother’s choice.

After tying the rakhi, there is a practice of feeding the sweet to brother.  For which you can buy sweets from the market but if you want to make feel special to your brother, then you can try the following dishes on your own.


 Ghevar is the most preferred sweet on Rakhi.  Although Ghevar is a Rajasthani dish everyone likes it.  To make Ghevar take one-third cup of ghee and put 4 pieces of ice in it.  Now stir it till the mixture becomes white and creamy.  Now make the batter by adding 1 cup Maida and 1/4 cup milk to this mixture.  Now keep it in the fridge until it gets chilly.  Heat ghee in a flat pan.  Now put 2 teaspoon batter in the centre with a little height.  Wait a while then add 2 teaspoons of batter in it.  You can keep the thickness of Ghevar according to yourself.  When the Ghevar becomes crispy from the centre, take it out in a plate.  To make syrup, take 1 cup sugar and half cup water.  Cook it for 3-4 minutes.  Now put ghevar in this hot syrup.  When the sugar syrup goes inside, remove the ghevar and apply Mawa or Rabri from above.  Garnish with pistachios and almonds.

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Kaju Barfi

Firstly, grind cashew and make cashew powder.  Take about 2 cups of cashew powder.  Now put 1 cup sugar and half cup water in a pan and keep it on the high flame.  When single wire syrup is formed, add cashew powder to it and mix well.  Keep stirring it for 10 minutes.  When the paste becomes thick, turn off the gas and keep it cool.  Now knead this mixture like flour.  After this, roll it into a thick shape like bread.  Now put this cashew bread in a plate and put a silver coating ( if you like it).  Cut this bread into diamond-shaped sweets and serve.

 Besan Laddu

To make Besan Laddu, first heat about 50 grams of ghee in a pan, now add a cup of gram flour.  Fry the gram flour on a low flame till it turns pink.  Now add cashew, almond and cardamom powder to it.  Let the mixture cool down.  Now make ladoos by mixing 70 grams of ground sugar or boora in it.


 It is very easy to make Phirni, first of all, keep 1-litre boiling milk.  Now grind the soaked rice coarsely.  Mix some milk in it and make a paste.  When the milk starts thickening, add sugar to it.  Now mix the rice paste while stirring slowly.  Turn off the gas when the kheer is thick.  Now garnish it with dry fruits and keep it refrigerated for 3-4 hours.

Makhana Kheer

 Firstly put a little ghee in a pan and fry the Makhanas( Fox nuts)a little.  You can also add cashew and almonds with it.  Now pour milk in a pan and keep it boiling.  Now grind Cashew, almonds and makhanas coarsely in a grinder.  When the milk starts boiling a lot, add sugar to it and mix this ground mixture.  Now cook the milk till it becomes creamy.  Add saffron and Cuddapah almond (Chironji) and eat kheer when it cools down.

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