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Robert Vadra stands up for Rajiv Gandhi amid Modi’s allegations

by Madhvi Bansal
Robert vadra

In a recent election rally, PM Modi stated that the Congress Part President Rahul Gandhi is trying to destroy his image by speaking about corruption in Rafale deal. PM Modi also went on to say that like Rahul Gandhi, his father Rajiv Gandhi too was a corrupt politician. This attack of PM Modi on the ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi did not go well with several people, including son-in-law Robert Vadra.

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Robert Vadra condemns PM Modi’s allegation towards Rajiv Gandhi

After the accusation made by PM Modi against Rajiv Gandhi, Vadra tweeted, “Verbally attacking Rajiv Gandhi shows moral degradation. This ‘gutter’ politics demands strict condemnation. Using humiliating words for Rajiv ji shows lack of basic civility. I took baseless accusations on me bravely, but my heart bleeds at deplorable statements made against Rajiv Gandhi.”

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Vadra even went onto say that the Indian political is at a desperate state and needs to be rescued by the people who are trying to mislead and manipulate the citizen of India. Also, Vadra made is clear that the Gandhi family will work towards Rajiv Gandhi’s vision. About this, he wrote “We the family will strive for his vision and the people of India will. Fight for his dignity and respect. It’s only time, for a respectful change in our country,”

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Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi reply to PM Modi

Rajiv Gandhi’s children, party president Rahul Gandhi and general secretary Priyanka Gandhi also tweeted about PM Modi’s remarks and condemned him for trying to tarnish their father’s image. Priyanka Gandhi tweeted that PM Modi has “insulted the martyrdom of a righteous and holy man in his unbridled craze”.

Both Rahul and Priyanka made it clear that it will be the people of India (especially people of Amethi) who will answer PM Modi regarding the allegations made against their father and ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi.

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