What Rishi Kapoor conveys to Indian Government about Indian education, medical!

by Madhvi Bansal
Rishi Kapoor

Vetran bollywood star Rishi Kapoor has congratulated the newly elected government and urged the government to focus on employment, education and health provisions for citizens. He has requested the ruling government to provide free education and medical services in India. The actor believes such services will actually help in the country’s development. Rishi Kapoor is currently undergoing medical treatment in New York. He reached out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Ministers Smriti Irani and Arun Jaitley, in a series of tweets to share his concerns.

Rishi Kapoor wrote on Twitter, “My sincerest wish, desire and request to the re-elected @BJP4India @arunjaitley @smritiirani and the honourable PM @narendramodi ji. Please work upon getting India free Education, Medical, Pension etc..It’s difficult but if you start working on today, we will achieve one day!”

In his next tweet, he tweet, “After seeing the graduations happening here and hearing about specialised treatments in Hospitals, why can only the few avail/afford these? After all most doctors and teachers here in the US are Indians. After all, this is the India we Indians want to see and the whole world envy. Literacy will give the educated youth decent jobs and the sick a full life. A true Democracy-a chance. Demonetisation, cow slaughter ban, anti-secular etc…are no answers in my humble opinion.”

He ended his request with, “You all have a refreshed good five year tenure to go. Please think about this also. We will set examples to Humanity all over @BJP4India @arunjaitley @smritiirani and the PM @narendramodi ji. Please excuse me if I have over stepped but being a citizen, I feel my duty to voice it.”

Rishi Kapoor in 2018 opened up about his health and confirmed that he had cancer. Though he is recovering fast and is now cancer free, still there is medical procedure to be followed. He has now decided to talk about his battle with the illness.