What is verbal diarrhoea?

by Madhvi Bansal
verbal diarrhoea

Everybody has atleast one person around them who tries to metamorphically throws up on you with their verbal diarrhoea. They may force you to listen to their point of view, shout on you and talk endlessly about something for the selfish reasons. Verbal diarrhoea is the quality or habit of talking too much. Sometimes, it is relevant and useful. However, most of the time it is useless and a nuisance. People with verbal diarrhoea usually take a long way to say something which can easily be said in a simple yes or no. Being surrounded with people with verbal diarrhoea can be worse than actually suffering from diarrhoea.

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Simple ways to deal with people who overtalk

If you are troubled by a friend, a relative or a co-worker who talks a lot then here are the few suggestions that can help :

  1. Directly ask the person to stop: Instead of getting irritated and wasting your precious time in listening the things in which you are least interested, it is better to stop the conversation. There is no harm in stopping the person who is throwing verbal diarrhoea on you.
  2. Break the rhythm of talking: When you find that you have been listening for a long time and someone else is talking unstoppably then you need to break the rhythm of conversation. It will stop the speaker by disrupting the rhythm of talking.
  3. Disengage: Sometimes, you may try to put a monologue to an end but unable to stop the conversation. In such cases, you can say, “It was nice chatting to you” or “ my friend has been waiting for me” or “I have to rush somewhere right now with my mom or dad”. It will let the talkative person to give a halt to one way conversation.

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  1. Repeat what you heard them saying: Another effective way to stop the over-talkative person is saying what you heard them saying. You don’t need to go into deep explanation. Something exact and precise but in positive tone gives the person to feel better and talk less. A lot of people who talk more generally try to hide their emotions or fear of getting criticised. Hence, if you say something positive about them, they will feel encouraged and motivated.

If you are an over-talkative person then you need to control over this habit to avoid inconvenience to your near and dear ones.