With Sena Congress Ally, Posters of Bal Thackeray – Indira Gandhi in Mumbai

by Madhvi Bansal
With Sena congress ally,

Shiv Sena allied with Congress party based on uncertain circumstances, there have been posters everywhere in Mumbai featuring Bal Thackeray – Indira Gandhi. It is known that Shiv Sena, a party based in Maharashtra, was initially allied with BJP and faced the elections this year. These two parties are ideologically separated and have always been this way. Even now, the two parties agreed to join hands despite their differences as BJP refused to make Uddhav Thackeray the CM candidate after the elections.

There were different versions of posters featuring Bal Thackeray – Indira Gandhi have been erected nearby Sena’s party office and all across the region by the party members. One of the posters mentioned that the dream of Bal Thackeray has finally been fulfilled. Chief Minister from Sena was his dream and now it has been fulfilled with the support of newly formed allies. All of the posters featured both the icons Bal Thackeray – Indira Gandhi in the respective parties of the allies. The ally between these two parties came as a surprise and considered rare for every other party because of their ideological differences.

When some of the leaders from Sena were asked about the rare combo Bal Thackeray – Indira Gandhi in posters, they said that it is something new that has happened. Bal Thackeray in the past had shown his support to the Congress party on a few occasions. They also added that it was not just limited to supporting the party during elections but also supported some of the policies framed by Indira Gandhi. So, according to the party members and leaders, this combo of Bal Thackeray – Indira Gandhi in a single poster did not come as a surprise.

Congress party leaders and its members were initially hesitant to start an ally with the Shiv Sena, according to news sources. They felt joining hands with an ideologically different party would damage their prospects in future elections. After careful consideration, congress party president Sonia Gandhi had decided to ally with Shiv Sena to tackle the largest party in power. According to a party leader from Shiv Sena, the poster depicts the bond once Bal Thackeray had with Indira Gandhi. It was a phone call that established the party in the past. In the same manner, a phone conversation between the current leaders from congress and Shiv Sena established the Government, he added.