Solar Storm Ahead: Will Form Surreal Auroras, But May Harm Earth’s Satellite

by Shatakshi Gupta

A strong geomagnetic storm is heading towards Earth. These solar winds coming from the sun contains solar particles moving at a speed of 500 km per second. Due to this, communication equipment dependent on the earth’s satellite can face obstruction. Satellite signals will observeinterferencedue to Earth’s upper atmosphere warming.

Now, what is Solar Storm?

 Large-scale explosions occur on the surface of the Sun, during which some parts emit an excessive amount of energy with very bright light, which is called a solar flare. This explosion on the surface of the Sun emits large amounts of magnetic energy from its surface, which opens the corona of the Sun. This causes the energy to flow out, which appears like flames. If this massive energy continuously released for several days, then even microscopic nuclear particles are released from it. These particles spread throughout the solar system with huge energy. This whole phenomenon is called a solar storm. This released energy has tremendous nuclear radiation, which makes it the most dangerous.

Beautiful Aurora will form

 The aurora is the light produced by the interaction of the solar wind in the Earth’s magnetosphere. The combination of blue and green lights provide an eye-catching sight that people wait to see. In the Northern Hemisphere, the appearance of Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis spreads wonders in the sky. 

Threats from a solar storm

 Solar storms can also harm satellite-based technology. Solar winds can cause the Earth’s outer atmosphere to heat up, which can affect the satellites. This can cause interruptions in GPS navigation, mobile phone signals and satellite TV. The current in the power lines can be fast so that transformers can also blow. However, this rarely happens as the Earth’s magnetic field acts as a protective shield against it.

Damage to technology

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 The last such powerful storm came in 1859 when the telegraph system in Europe was shut down. Experts believe that it is very important to study solar storms to save satellite technology and equipment from them. These radiations can cause trillions of dollars of damage to the earth and it takes many years to rebuild the collapsed infrastructure.