Steps to Create an Account on Snapcheat

by Aditi

There is an app named Snapcheat and it is not some kind of photo-sharing application. This app is said to be dedicated to people who want to cheat. Does not it sound strange? Yes, Snapcheat allows users to dating someone in the given list of members even if they are married. This application offers a unique platform or interface for registered users to find their partner in complete privacy. This app has been originally designed for girls to cheat. We never know even someone would come up with an idea like this and make an application out of it. We need to see it to believe it.

Unlike other dating apps, you cannot use the app without registering. Registration here refers to adding your credit card details. As long as you are registered, you can gain complete access to the app’s platform. They claim it is premium and available only for subscribed members of the Snapcheat. This operates on the concept that usually people would not find their dating partner outside marriage from social media websites. This is where Snapcheat makes use of the concept from the popular app Snapchat to make it possible for them.

People do use this app and prefer for a particular reason. It is privacy. Users believe this app provides them the much-needed privacy to make their first move outside marriage. It offers a unique chat window where the messages will get self-destructed once read. This app also offers options to make it appear like a regular chatting app. When you opt to save the texts, you can do it manually. Sharing an image or video in this app will not stay for more than ten seconds. When this app offers such complete privacy, people are opting for it by becoming an active member.

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Creating an account with Snapcheat

Registering for this app starts similar to every other app in the start. After completing the basic details, you will be opted to answer your preferences when it comes to choosing your partner. The preference that you add inside the app matters when it comes to finding your partner. This app will also prompt you to add a picture of yours and verify it. This way once you have a verified profile, you can move further to start using the app.

Though this app claims it is free to start, you cannot access it without actually adding your credit card data. Once you have added, you can make use of the two day trial period to see if the app Snapcheat works for you. Similar to other popular dating apps, this app also offers different packages including the Gold subscription. According to the app, it uses the algorithm to find your partner in your neighborhood or city with the help of a zip code. We advise users to use this service at their own risk as we do not have any first-hand experience in using this app.

Users who wish to try can opt for their service for a cost mentioned in the membership packages. Though this app assures it offers complete privacy and security for the added credit card details, there is no assurance that it is safe. As the app claims, they ask for credit card details only to check if the person is real. Once you are a verified member, this app assures it will help you find your partner outside the marriage. We as a reviewer leave users the chance to analyze the claims made by the app and take a risk only if they are willing to risk it. This app has got a good rating of around 3.5 and it is up to you to decide. It is advisable to look for more reviews and ratings from other users who use this app before actually making your registration. This way you can eliminate risks or opt for other available dating app alternatives.