Third Wave Of Corona In Maharashtra, Cases Spike Up At 200%

by Shatakshi Gupta

The news coming from Maharashtra has again increased the difficulties of the country. For the past one week, there has been a 200% hike in the pace of new patients. This is the reason that the number of active cases has been increasing continuously for the last 7 days. It is clear from these figures that the third wave of corona in the state has knocked. If this is not contained in time, then the situation may worsen.

In a recent surge, 5,427 new patients were found in the state on Thursday. This is the first time since December 4 that more than 5 thousand new patients have been recorded in a day in the state. So far, 20,81,520 people have been affected by the infection in the state. Out of these 19,87,804 people have been cured, while 51,669 patients died. There are 40858 patients who are undergoing treatment.  Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government said that no new cases of new strains have been found.

More than 12 thousand cases in the last 24 hours

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 On Thursday, a total of 12,826 new patients were found in the country. 10,489 were cured and 86 infected lost their lives. So far, 1.09 crore cases of Corona have been reported. Of these, 1.06 crore patients have been cured.  1.56 lakh have lost their lives, while 1.36 lakh are undergoing treatment.

Vaccination figure crosses ten million

The number of vaccine recipients in the country has crossed 1 crore. So far more than 10 million 88 thousand health care and front line workers have been vaccinated. It took 34 days to deliver the vaccine to so many people. So far more than 62 lakh health care workers and more than 31 lakh front line workers have been vaccinated. 4.64 lakh health care workers have also received the second dose of vaccine.

India is at 5th position in terms of vaccination

 India is the 5th country in the world where the vaccine has been given to the largest number of people so far. 20 million people have been vaccinated in the United States, 40 million in China and 40 million in the European Union. So far more than 188.4 million people have been vaccinated across the world. The process of vaccination has started in 97 countries.