Know, What The Top 10 TikTok Creators Are Doing These Days?

by TrendingNews Desk

TikTok ban in India didn’t bring the end of the career of the top creators in India. Most of the top creators on the aforesaid video platform have signed exclusive contracts with Gaana’s hotshots and ShareChat’s Moj and MX player’s TakaTak. The influential marketing team that worked with them informed about this.

 Riyaz Ali                                         

He was once a top Tiktoker and fashion blogger had more than 43 million followers on the platform. He has signed an exclusive contract with Gaana’s short video platform Hotshots, confirmed by, Prashan Aggrawal the CEO of Gaana. “Riyaz crossed over 4 million followers within a month of coming on stage,” he further added. So far, Aly has uploaded over 60 videos on Hotshots.

Avneet Kaur

CEO of Gaana further informed that actress and dancer Avneet Kaur, who had 22.4 million followers on TikTok, is now preparing content exclusively for hotshots. Avneet has shared around 90 videos.

 Arishfa Khan and Piyanka Mongia

Arishfa Khan

 Both creators had 28.5 million and 22.7 million fans respectively on TikTok. Currently, they are exclusively creating content for Sharechat’s Moj. Arishfa said, “In just two weeks, I have 700,000 followers on this platform.  My 26 videos have generated 2.5 million likes so far.”

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Piyanka Mongia

Nisha Gurang and Gima Ashi

Nisha Gurang

 Creators such as Nisha Gurgan – with 28 million TikTok fans, and Gima Ashi – with 21.3 million followers on TikTok, are, particularly on the MX player’s TakaTak. Karan Bedi, the company’s chief executive informed this.

Gima Ashi

Faisal Sheikh ( Faisu) and Sameekhsa Sood

Faisal Shaikh

 Artist management company Quki did not clear the status of these two creators. They both are among the top 10 creators of the TikTok. Faisu had 31.9 million fans on TikTok, while Sameeksha had more than 24 million.

Sameeksha Sood

Jannat Zubair and Awez Darbar

Jannat Zubair

Jannat, who had 28 million followers on the banned platform, and dancer-choreographer Awez Darbar – who had amassed nearly 26 million fans on TikTok, are working with multiple platforms. They have not yet signed any exclusive contracts.

Awez Darbar

Virk Sheth, a co-founder of Monk Entertainment, a talent management and influencer marketing told, “While these short-video apps allow these top creators to post content on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, many of them have recently been exposed to posting videos on any of the other short-video-sharing platforms. It is forbidden, apart from some international rivals, “

 According to a cofounder of influential marketing firm Aleve Media, these top TikTok creators are now looking at the next level of content creation. He said, “While TikTok was largely based on filter-based content, they are now finding out what works for YouTube, (Instagram), etc.”  To get into mainstream content creation, they need better audio-video capabilities, better scriptwriters, resources to do meta tags, editing, subtitling and so on. ”

Lakshmi Balasubramaniam, a co-founder of an influential marketing firm Greenroom, said that the top 10 Tiktokers already had an active presence on Instagram when it was banned. This made it very easy for them to get brand deals. “People living outside of Mumbai have not been able to earn even as much as the top 10 producers continue to earn by collaborating with music videos and brands,” he said.