What Is The Controversial ‘Toolkit’ Posted By Greta Thunberg

by Shatakshi Gupta

Sweden’s climate activist Greta Thunberg has been writing on social media in favour of the farmer movement in India for the last three days. On Wednesday, she wrote on social media in support of farmers. Also shared a toolkit document. Now the Delhi Police has registered an FIR against the creators of this toolkit.  However, earlier news coming was that the FIR has been lodged against Greta. It was later revealed that it was on the makers of the toolkit, the same toolkit that Greta shared.

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 After Delhi Police’s FIR, Greta wrote again on social media that I am still standing with the farmers.  No fear or threat can change this. 

What has Greta Thunberg done?

On Tuesday late night, Greta wrote on social media that we show solidarity with the farmers’ movement of India. She then shared a document called Toolkit on social media late on Wednesday night. After a while she deleted it and shared the update toolkit. Controversy has increased over this toolkit.

Now what is this toolkit?

The toolkit is a document in which there is complete roadmap to mobilize support on social media during the movement. What kind of hashtag to use? where to contact if there are any problems during the demonstration? What to do and what to avoid during this time?  This is all explained in this toolkit.

Is this the first instance?

No, It is not. In fact, last year in the US, a black was killed on the street by the police. After this, the ‘Black Life Matter’ campaign was started. People all over the world, including India, raised their voice in favour of black people. A toolkit was prepared by those who ran this movement.

 In this, many things were told about the movement, such as – how to get into the movement, where to go, where not to go, what to do police take action against you, What kind of clothes to wear during the protest? Also in Hong Kong, the toolkit was shared in the ongoing movement against China.

Can Delhi Police take action against Greta?

No, making an FIR against a person who is not citizenIndia does not make much sense.

Who is Greta Thunberg?

 Greta, 18, has been working for climate change since she was 11 years old. Greta began demonstrating outside Sweden’s parliament every Friday to campaign for climate change.  With this #FridaysForFuture, many countries of the world were associated with her. And thousands of children in the world, like Greta, are raising their voices against climate change.

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Her speech on climate change of the UN in 2019 is very popular. In this speech Greta criticized the leaders of the world. After his speech, in late 2019, Time magazine named her thePerson of the Year.

Apart from the environment, other issues have also been raised by Greta on social media. She often remains in discussion about this. She has also been a target of former US President Donald Trump several times due to her activism.