PM Convened 6th GC Meeting of NITI Aayog; Key Highlights

by Shatakshi Gupta

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed the 6th meeting of the Governing Council of NITI Aayog through video conferencing. It was attended by the Chief Ministers of the States, Administrators of Union Territories (UTs) and Lieutenant Governors. In this meeting, Modi’s focus was on farmers.

PM said that even though we callourselves an agricultural country, still we import about 65-70 thousand crore rupees of edible oil from outside. However, we can stop this. Money can reach our farmers’ account. Our farmers are entitled to this money, but for this, we need a proper strategy.

Highlights of Modi’s speech
Our farmers can also export to the world

The Prime Minister said that we used to import pulses in the past, but now we are self-sufficient. Our expenditure in bringing pulses from outside has come down considerably. The farmers of our country have the full potentialtoproduce such items. A little push needs to be given and for this, there are many agricultural products that farmers can not only produce for the country but can also supply to the world. For this, all states must form a strategy for their agro-climatic regional planning.

Agricultural exports increased but yet to reach our potential

PM said that in the last few years, a holistic approach was adopted for agriculture, animal husbandry and fisheries. As a result, agricultural exports in the country have increased significantly during the Corona era, but our potential is much higher. There is a need to pay attention to storage and processing as well, to minimize the waste of our products.

Centre-state cooperation required

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 Modi said that the basis of the country’s developmentlies in the Centre and statesworking together and move in a definite direction. To make co-operative federalism more meaningful, we have to try to bring competitive co-operative federalism not only among the states but also to the district levels.

Must harness the energy of the private sector

 The Prime Minister said that the positive response on this year’s budget shows the mood of the nation. The youth no longer want to lose time. Private sector development is coming further in the journey. As a government, we have to respect the energy of the private sector and give it the same opportunity in self-reliant India. Atmanirbhar Bharat is a step towards an India where every person will get an opportunity to move forward with potential. We will produce for the world, not just for ourselves. For this, we have to increase innovation, give new opportunities for education.

Source: ANI News
Abolished 1500 redundant laws

Modi also stressed on reforms. He said that recently such reforms have been done, which reduce the interference of the government. We have abolished 1500 old laws. There should be an effort for ease of doing business. For this, laws and systems will have to be reformed. People of the country will have to work for the Ease of doing business. The ideas that move the country ahead from masses will be welcomed.