G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting

by Aditi

The Agriculture Ministers of the G-20 countries on Tuesday resolved to ensure adequate global food supply amid the Coronavirus epidemic. This decision was taken at a meeting of the Agriculture Ministers of the G20 countries. The decision comes after the United Nations warned that the number of people experiencing global hunger could almost double in the coming days. To represent India, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar joined the video conference and participated in the virtual meeting.

The Agriculture Ministers of the 20 largest and advanced economies said in a tone that we will help continue to make adequate, safe, affordable and nutritious food available and accessible to all people, including the 20 most advanced, most vulnerable, and displaced people.


They further said to other members to continue providing timely information on global food market fundamentals to help in making informed choices to markets, consumers and countries.

Following a video conference meeting organized by the group’s current Saudi Arabian president stated that in the current challenging circumstances, we emphasize the importance of avoiding food loss and wastage due to disruptions in food supply chains, leading to food insecurity and nutritional related There may be risks and economic losses.


Coronavirus lockdown has disrupted the global economy, with G20 ministers also stating that they are working to prevent excessive food price volatility in international markets. The ministers stressed that it is important that the coronavirus lockdown trade and do not create unnecessary bottlenecks for food supply chains.

The United Nations World Food Program warned on Tuesday that as a result of the economic impact of the corona virus, the number of people experiencing acute food insecurity in 2019 could rise to 265 million in 2020.


The total number of confirmed cases in India is 19,984 out of which 3,870 have been recovered and 640 people have died.

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