Top 10 Best Toothpaste Brands in the World of 2020

by Madhvi Bansal

When we think of toothpaste in the past, we could only name a few brands. Most of the brands that we used in our childhood days are still available in the market. Also, you can only able to find a single variant of toothpaste in each brand. But this is not the case right now as you can find plenty of versions available from each brand. If you have sensitive teeth, you can opt for toothpaste that is made for it. Also, these days you can find toothpaste in different flavors and different compositions.

We brush every single day and more often doctors advice to brush twice a day. This means you need to find a toothpaste brand that will work best for you. Rather than choosing a generic brand based on its availability, it is necessary to choose the brand that suits your daily brushing habit. Oral hygiene is something you cannot take it for granted as it can greatly affect your overall health. When you can find hundreds of toothpaste brands these days, it is hard to pick the best from the lot. Here we have researched and about to present you with the top 10 best toothpaste brands in the world of 2020.

Arm and Hammer

Arm and hammer

This American toothpaste is here for a while as its origin story goes back to 1867. Toothpaste are not their flagship product when the brand was initially started. It started as a soft drink maker and later ventured into this business making the best toothpaste and toothbrushes. Its product range will include brushes for adults and kids along with its iconic Advance white toothpaste. The mint flavor that this paste produce was popular back in those days and it is still a favorite for many in the United States.

Glister from Amway


We all would have come across this brand Amway one way or other. Though the brand operates from Michigan, United States, you can find their brand everywhere. People themselves become the brand ambassadors and market this product often through multiple channels. When it comes to quality and oral hygiene, toothpaste from Amway stands among the best of brands even now in 2020. This is one of the best selling toothpaste you will find across the world.



Next in our list of best toothpaste brands in the world is AIM. This fluoride-based toothpaste suits everyone right from the age of 2 and above. The best thing about this brand is that it is medically proven to tackle tooth decay. If you are already suffering from cavities, it is advisable for you to visit a dentist and then use cavity protection toothpaste from AIM. If you are someone who loves mint and cinnamon flavors, this brand offers the right taste for you.



Crest, a fluoride-based toothpaste, is here in the market since 1954. Though the brand name was not the same back then when it was started, it became crest the next year of its launch. This is one of the popular brands among the Americans right from the ’50s and still, people are choosing for its new variants. The new variants include Pro health, Gum Detoxify and much more.



People around the world know this toothpaste brand president for only a few decades. But its true origin goes back to the year 1915 and this makes it one of the best and popular toothpaste brands in the world of 2020. The name of the brand comes from the reason that uses a compound named pepsin in its product. Whatever may be your oral hygiene needs, this brand Pepsodent has a product for it.



Close-up features in the middle of our list of toothpaste brands in the world of 2020 as it is relatively new compared to the brands that we discussed above yet so popular. Close-up is so popular among teens for its advertisement campaigns and its flavors. The emotional touch you see with the brand and colors used in its label graphics make it an iconic brand. Bad breath is what you can treat with this toothpaste according to the brand.



The Aquafresh feel you see in label graphics was something new when it launched in the year 1973. The multiple layers in the toothpaste will serve its own purpose as it is the brand’s unique formula. White-teeth is what this brand promises along with its ability to protect your teeth from cavities, decay and more. This is why the toothpaste from Aquafresh got featured in our list of top 10 best toothpaste brands in the world of 2020.



When there are plenty of brands available in the market that promise protection from cavities and decay, this brand specializes in offering solutions for sensitive teeth. This unique approach made it popular right from the year 1961 and still, it has been preferred by millions. It is so popular around the world and even doctors suggest patients to use it to tackle sensitivity.

Forever Bright Toothgel

Forever Bright Toothgel gets featured second in our list of top 10 best toothpaste brands in the world of 2020 for a very particular reason – its popularity. Among all the products that are paste based, this brand makes toothpaste in gel form. Though the standard fluoride as its key ingredient remains the same, you can find uniqueness with its additional natural combination such as Aloe Vera.



The legacy of the brand ‘Colgate’ is something phenomenal as it still rules the market since 1806. It stays at the top of our list of best toothpaste brands 2020 because this is the first brand that will come to your mind when you think of toothpaste. Again, it is a fluoride-based paste that protects your teeth from decay and cavities. It comes in multiple variants and in different flavors for you to choose from. If you want to recommend someone a toothpaste brand, Colgate will be a perfect choice.