by Shoubhik Sen

These past few months have not exactly been a walk in the park for Donald John Trump. Whether it’s his Electoral loss or his impeachment proceedings, the ride’s been rocky for him. However, that’s all in the past and now, Trump’s focus is on recovering his lost halo post his White House exit.

Thus today, we shall see what happened with Trump as well as his future plans.


The series of mishaps began when Donald Trump faced an unexpected defeat in the 2020 U.S Presidential Elections against Joe Biden. The way the voting took place was what triggered most conservatives and other Trump supporters. Specifically speaking, it was the Mail-In Voting that attracted a lot f suspicion.

What used to happen before the pandemic was that people used to go to the polling booth and cast their votes. However, due to Covid restrictions, Mail-In Voting was introduced in which you could vote from the comfort of your home and send them to the center. However, many faults were found in that. Whether it were destroyed mail in votes found in rivers and roadsides or the suspicion of many people voting multiple times, this election already became controversial.

Such was the controversy that both Trump & Biden had their lawyers ready and on-the-go. Thus, what followed was lawsuits and proceedings against this #voterfraud. For months, Trump and his team were all over social media, claiming to fight a battle that they unfairly lost. It was this anger and frustration that led to what we’re going to discuss below.


Over the next few weeks, Trump supporters furiously campaigned to overturn the election results; an election which they feel they lost unfairly. It was this that led to one of the most shameful attacks in modern day America.

U.S Capitol Hill Attack, for which Trump was charged of "incitement to violence" and impeached"

We can trace this to Trump’s tweets in which he called for people to “fight like hell” and march to the capitol. What followed, was Trump supporters and Republicans storming the symbol of American Democracy and wreaking havoc within the premises. Though Trump went into Damage control mode and asked the people to stop with the violence, it wasn’t enough to convince the House, which started impeachment trials against him.

The Democrat-dominated House was as expected, successful in impeaching him and this time, many Republicans like Mitch McConnell voted in favor of impeachment. The case thus reached the Senate. However like before, Trump managed to once again evade this embarrassment when the majority of the Senate (53-47) voted against impeaching him. The Senate failed to secure the requisite 2/3rd majority needed for conviction. Thus, Donald Trump did not spend his last days as an impeached P.O.T.U.S.

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This roller coaster ride brings us to today when we get fresh news on Trump’s future plans; plans to regain his halo and as the title suggests, his political spotlight. This will be in the form of a major meeting of conservatives in Orlando, Florida.

On February 28th 2021, Donald.J.Trump will speak to the Conservative Political Action Conference (C.P.A.C). This will be the last day this conference meets. In said address, he will talk about the future of the Republican Party & the Conservative Movement. A trusted source even pointed out to this aspect of Trump’s address: –

Also, look for the 45th President to take on President Biden’s disastrous amnesty and border policies,

A Source close to Trump told this to Reuters.

Apart from this, we can also expect Trump to take jibes at the Republican Turncoat Squad. These are those Republicans who came forward to impeach Trump. He has already expressed anger towards the 17 Republicans in the Congress, especially towards the oldest elected Republican Mitch Mcconell (Senate Minority Leader).


Since the time Donald.J.Trump entered into the political arena as an active player, he has been on the receiving end. Whether it’s the establishment players of Washington or the Democrat-leaning mainstream media, everyone came towards him with blazing guns.

Trump however, refused to budge and ended up winning the presidency against all odds. Though he could not return for a 2nd term, Trump’s victory will go down as an underdog story.

Now too, he might be down and out but in time, he will fight back and reclaim his lost glory. The Republicans will seek to regain control over both chambers and Trump too will contest the next Presidential election. Donald Trump still has a bright future ahead.