Twitter Hails Pune Sanitation Worker’s Parody Song on Waste Disposal

by Madhvi Bansal

Sanitation worker from Pune has attempted a parody song on waste disposal and it wins twitter. This sanitation worker, Mahadev Jadhav, is on a mission to create awareness among the public on waste disposal. To achieve this and to reach more people he does not through songs. This is not the first time he is making such an attempt to make a parody song. Jadhav has been doing this for quite a while and has already released a few remixes to educate people. The songs or tunes that he chooses are usually from Bollywood and then remixes with his creative lyrics and make it novel. In addition to waste disposal – separating dry wastes and wet wastes – he also educates the public about the harmful effects of using plastics in general and about avoiding single-use plastics with his mantra – Reduce, reuse and recycle plastics.

Sanitation worker for more than 25 years

As soon as the song was released, it went viral through multiple social media platforms. When he was asked how it happened he said it has gone viral after he presented this parody song in a seminar. Twitter fans immediately came out and gave their complete support and made the song viral. He also said that he has been working in his field for about 25 years and had attempted to educate people on handling and disposing of wastes. Finally, he believes that the change has started now and more than sixty percent of the public are aware and going by the rules, Mahadev Jadhav added.

Parody song went viral and educates

Following the video went viral on Twitter, the microblogging platform, ANI had even approached and interviewed. In his interview, he said that he had done on his own and no one prompted him to sing a song. I sing a song to reach the masses and gain attention. The awareness I give on the song is on how to manage dry wastes and wet wastes. When people understand the rules and separate dry and wet wastes, it would be of great help for sanitation workers like us, he added. This sanitation worker is on a mission and has even won more hearts all over the internet. His song has been a huge hit and more people are now sharing the songs creating a much-needed awareness in the wake of pollution, poor sanitation, and waste disposal management related issues in India.

This sanitation worker sings every morning in front of the public while collecting the wastes and separating them in wet and dry disposal containers. This has almost become his ritual and he has made several songs including this viral song that won twitter. When asked what motivated him to educate and why through songs, Jadhav said he has always been a big fan of singing and even likes to write poems. When he witnessed more and more people are not following the rules when it comes to waste disposal and carelessly disposing of them on the roadsides, he decided to educate them through his songs.

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