Bored At Home? Try These Virtual Tours While Sitting At Home

by Shatakshi Gupta

Coronavirus has affected our health as well as our lifestyle, the virus led to contain ourselves within four walls our house.  According to the Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism and Hospitality (FAITH), only the tourism sector is estimated to suffer a loss of 15 lakh crores.  Some travel agencies also adopted the social distancing formula to get it on track, but it did not succeed.

 In such a situation, travel companies have now introduced a new way of virtual travel.  Companies believe that through this tourism will increase and they will be able to compensate for the loss. Yes, now you must be baffled over this. In this article, we will tell you about virtual travel as well as how you can experience that.

What is Virtual Travelling?

Virtual travelling means travelling around the world from home. You can take a live view of any place in the world through your mobile, smart TV and laptop. Through this, the guide is digitally equipped and gives you a live view of the places.  Also gives information about that place.

 How to do virtual travel?

 You can enjoy virtual travel by becoming an online visitor. There are many such apps on mobile, which make virtual traveling easy.

 Here are some ways in which you can experience virtual travel.

  • Disney World

 Disney World is providing virtual travel services. It usually offers children’s tour and travel on its website. You can access virtual travel by signing up on its website.

  • Online museum visits

You can visit online in many museums of the world including British Museum London. The guide there will tell you its peculiar details through webcam. Tour company ‘Travel Leisure’ is providing this facility on its website.

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  • Google Street View

With Google Street View, you can visit any market and tourism site in the world right from home.  All you need for this is a good smartphone and a better internet network.  This app is available on Android and iOS.

  • Through VR Travel App

VR Travelling is available on multiple mobile applications.  These can be downloaded on Android and iOS. You can download them and visit 10 thousand travel and tourist places of the world in 3D view. For this you need a good VR gear to enjoy the tour.

  • Online Hotel, Zoo and Park Visit

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There are many hotels, parks and zoos in the world, where a person definitely wants to visit once in life.  There are many websites, which are offering online hotel, zoo and park visits.  You can fulfil your wish by spending very little money sitting at home.

How to access virtual travel?

Virtual Traveling is a new concept.  There are many mobile apps and websites to access it.  You can register for this by downloading the app or visiting the website.  The process of registering in it is as easy as opening an account on social media.