How Will Be The Future Air Travel? Read Here Some Of The Planned Changes

by Shatakshi Gupta

While the coronavirus pandemic has devastated the aviation industry, most experts agree that travel will recover from the shock, it’s just a matter of time. Apart from this, some experts predict a second and even third wave of the SARS-COV-2 to hit and don’t expect a return to normalcy until vaccine comes.

Airlines are struggling to get travellers flying again, and both airports and airlines companies are working on their safety and health regulations to gain passengers’ trust and avoid the risk of infection. These efforts also include long-term overhaul, which you will in future air travel. Some of these planned changes are discussed here.

Temperature checks might become the norm.

Many airline companies are making temperature checks ahead of flights mandatory. It may also include a required health questionnaire and an amenity kit complete with hand sanitizer.

Passengers have to cover their face throughout the journey.

Since masks have become mandatory in public places. So, it is not surprising that most airlines are also making wearing mask compulsory for passengers. Above that, the International Air Transport Association recommends mandatory face coverings for both passengers and crew members.

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 Dogs will detect the infected person

Dogs at airports are usually trained to catch on drugs and weapons, but according to CNN, some researchers in the UK are working to train dogs to detect COVID-19, even in asymptomatic patients. The base of the research is that respiratory disease changes the body odour.

Design of Airplane might get structural changes

An Italian designing company put forward a solution for running flights at full capacity while minimizing passengers’ interaction with one another. Its “Janus” design, which reverses the middle seat in each row of three and put transparent dividers that shield passengers from one another. Whereas, instead of changing the structure of planes, a shield between seats could be placed to avoid contact between passengers.

Full-body sanitization booths will be seen

Many International Airports are already testing booths that are said to disinfect people from head to toe in few seconds, thanks to the antimicrobial showers. Airports are also planning to use cleaning robots equipped with ultraviolet-light sterilizer as well as an air sterilizer to disinfect public spaces.

Contactless system at terminals and cabin

In order to minimize touchpoints, seat-back pockets will be left empty or could be removed, as these are found to be the second-most-contaminated spots on planes. Apart from that, Touchscreen entertainment systems may be replaced with ways to use your own devices for in-flight entertainment. To fulfil such need, these airlines might just ensure that a USB and power-outlets are available at every seat and that some form of device stand is available.

Introduction of Double Decker seats

A U.S based start-up is planning to introduce such type of arrangement, where instead of sitting in row seats will be arranged in an up-down manner. In upper seats, passengers will get space to stretch out.