Here Is All You Need To Know About ‘Sputnik- V’, The World’s First Coronavirus Vaccine

by Shatakshi Gupta

Russia has overtaken the whole world in vaccine making race.  The world’s first Coronavirus vaccine has been approved by Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this on Tuesday.  He said that the first COVID-19 vaccine made in Russia has received approval from the Health Ministry.  Putin also informed that his daughter had been vaccinated.  The Russian President said, “For the first time in the world this morning, the vaccine is registered against the new Coronavirus.”  He thanked all those who have worked on this vaccine.  Putin said that the vaccine has gone through all the important tests.  Now this vaccine will be sent for mass production.

Putin’s daughter also got vaccinated

Russian President Vladimir Putin informed that one of his daughters had been dosed with this vaccine.  He said that she feels fine and have no side effects.  He said that her temperature after the first vaccine was 38 degrees Celsius, then slightly above 37 degrees.  Now she is perfectly healthy.

Researchers have also got themselves vaccinated

The vaccine has been developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute of Moscow by basing adenoviruses.  Researchers claim that the particles used in the vaccine cannot replicate themselves.  Many people involved in research and manufacturing have given themselves the dose of this vaccine.  Paracetamol has been suggested for some people who may develop fever when given a dose of vaccine.

 Who will get the first dose?

 According to the Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko, vaccination to frontline health workers may begin this month.  In Russia, first-line health workers will be vaccinated with this new Coronavirus vaccine.  After this, the vaccine will be given to senior citizens. Eventually, it will be given to general mass of the Russia.

When will this vaccine come in the market?

At present, limited doses of this vaccine have been prepared.  Regulatory approval has been received, so now industrial production of this vaccine can start from September.  Russia has said that it can start vaccinating nationwide from October.

How much will this vaccine cost?

 According to the Russian agency TASS, this vaccine will be available ‘free of cost’ in Russia.  The cost incurred on this will be met from the country’s budget.  The price for the rest of the countries has not been revealed yet.

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 Who will get this vaccine first in the world?

 Russia has talked about supplying vaccines worldwide, but many countries are still hesitant about it.  The World Health Organization, including Western countries, has expressed concern that it would not be appropriate to supply vaccines without adequate data.  The United Kingdom has clearly stated that it will not provide Russian vaccine doses to its citizens.  In such a situation, the vaccine may not be sent to other countries in the initial stages.  After seeing the effect of vaccine on the general public of Russia, other countries will take a decision on it.

 Trial is still going on worldwide

While Russia has launched vaccine, the rest of the world is currently testing vaccines.  Clinical trials of vaccine are going on in many countries including USA, UK, Israel, Japan, China and India.  A total of 5 vaccines have been reached in the last stage of the trial and preliminary results are expected by October.