After Approval Of Covaxin And Covishield In India, Here Are 18 FAQs That You Need To Check

by Shatakshi Gupta

Covishield and Covaxin have received emergency approval in India. Now inoculation will start soon. In order to provide complete information related to the vaccine to the people, the government has issued some FAQs. According to them, taking the vaccine is not mandatory.  This will depend on your wish.  Also, two weeks after the second dose, an anti-body will be ready to protect the body against corona. Read more all the questions and answers.

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When will the vaccine start?

 The process of vaccination has started in 18 countries of the world. After this, the process is going to start in India soon. For more information about this, visit the website of the Union Ministry of Health.

 Will everyone get the Corona vaccine together?

The government has identified some priority groups for the initial phase according to the availability of the vaccine. The first group includes health care and frontline workers. The second group consists of people above 50 years of age.  It also has people below 50 who are already struggling with a serious illness. This includes 300 million people, who will be vaccinated in the next phase.

Is it necessary to have a vaccine?

 No, whether or not to get the vaccine depends on your wish.  However, it is advised that anyone taking the vaccine should take its full course, so that they get complete protection from the virus. Also, there is less possibility of infection spreading from them.

 How vaccine has been prepared in such a short span time?  Will it be safe?

Any vaccine will be allowed in the country only after the approval of regulatory bodies on safety and effectiveness. According to the country’s top vaccine scientist, Dr. Gagandeep Kang, haste does not mean that the regulator has approved it without further investigation. The regulator has verified the results of these vaccines. Only then has it been given emergency approval.

Source: ANI News

 At the same time, Dr. VM Katoch, former head of ICMR, says that the entire process of approving the vaccine has been followed.  Those who are vaccinated will also be monitored further. If any side-effects are seen then it will be treated. Overall, understand that everything is part of the process. An early vaccine does not mean that carelessness has been done.

 Should the person who is positive or been positive be vaccinated?

 No, those who are currently corona positive or are suspected of having corona will undergo the vaccine 14 days after the symptoms are cured. If they leave now, the infection will spread.  According to Suchitra Alla, Joint MD of Bharat Biotech, it may take 45 to 60 days for the vaccine to show its effect. This means that even after the vaccine, the mask will have to be worn.

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 Do people recovering from Corona also have to take the vaccine?

 Yes, people who have recovered from Corona have also been advised to take the vaccine. This will strengthen their immune system. They will reduce the risk of reinfection.

 What led to the selection of Covaxin and Covishield?

 Covishield is formed by the British company AstraZeneca in collaboration with Oxford University. This vaccine is being developed at the Adar Poonawala Serum Institute in Pune, India. It underwent phase-3 trials in Brazil and Britain and found it to be up to 90% effective.

 Similarly, covaxin is formed by Indian company Bharat Biotech in association with ICMR and NIV.  The best thing is that it is effective against the all strain of virus. This will have no effect on the corona even after new strains are revealed. At the same time, in the clinical trials of Phase-1 and Phase-2, it has proved to be quite safe and effective.

 Does India have the ability to store the vaccine and have it countrywide?

 India runs one of the world’s largest vaccination programs.  India has full potential. Every year, 26 million newborn and 29 million pregnant women are being vaccinated. This is the first time adults are being vaccinated in India. For this, a dry run has also been done in the entire country, so that when the process of vaccination starts, there is no problem.

 How to know if you will get a vaccine?

 Those who are eligible to get the vaccine will get a message on mobile. It will contain information about where and when they will be vaccinated. This procedure will be adopted to avoid inconvenience in the process of registration.

 Can I get a vaccine without registering with the Health Department?

 No, registration will be mandatory to take the vaccine.  Only after registration will you know where you will get inoculated.

 Which documents will be valid for registration?

Registration can be done with any one of these Id cards : Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Health Insurance Smart Card issued by Ministry of Labor, MNREGA Job Card, Official Identity Card issued by MP, MLA or MLC, PAN Card, Bank / Postoffice passbook, passport, pension document, central or state government issued service card, voter ID.

 Which ID must be shown at the centre to get the vaccine?

 The ID card given in the registration will also have to be taken along to get the vaccine.

 How will I know the date?

 After online registration, the eligible candidate will be given a message on mobile.

Will anyone taking the vaccine get a certificate?

 After taking the vaccine, information will be given by the first message. After completion of the course, the QR code based certificate will be sent to the registered mobile number.

 Do people suffering from diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, have to be vaccinated?

 Yes, they are at greater risk.  They need to be vaccinated.

 Does the centre require any abstinence before or after taking the vaccine?

After taking the vaccine, rest at the centre for half an hour is advised. If there is any problem, contact the nearest ANM, ASHA and Health Officer. Follow the rules like wearing masks, sanitization and social distancing before and after taking the vaccine.

 What will be the side effects?

 Use will be allowed only when it is proved safe. As in the case of a vaccine, it may also have side effects such as mild fever, pain at the injection site. States have been instructed to keep the preparation complete.

 How many doses will have to be taken and at how many days interval?

 Two doses have to be taken, at an interval of 28 days.