COVID-19 recovery rate improves to nearly 20% in India

by Aditi

On Wednesday, India reported 50 new cases of COVID-19 deaths, the recovery of 3,959 patients, taken the recovery rate to 19.36% from 17%. It shows tat more number of patients are getting recovered.

The Union Health Ministry said 21, 393 persons have been confirmed positive till now out of which 16,493 are active, and the death toll increased to 652. From previous day, there are 1,383 new cases came up. It is not a small thing for the country to cope up with. Maharashtra as the highest number of cases i.e; 5649, followed by Gujarat 2,407 and Delhi 2,248.

According to the report, the ministry has said that the Indian Council Of Medical Research had promised that it will collect data from the states so that it will assess the scope and extent the utility of the rapid test in the required areas.

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A release issued by the Ministry, “It [ICMR] shall keep advising the States on a regular basis. The States have also been advised to follow the prescribed protocol for this test and use it for the purpose for which it is meant.” The ICMR retaliated that the rapid test was huge to be used as a tool for surveillance.

“Their skill and service amongst all professionals place them in a unique position to save people in present times. The States and the UTs have been advised to take up various measures, including human resource and capacity-building training, medical safety, timely payments, psychological support, training of front line workers, and life insurance cover.” The Union Health Ministry directed State Chief Secretaries and the UT administrations to make sure the health workers are safe.


Under the Epidemic Disease Act,1897, the Cabinet recommended promulgating an order to ensure the safety of the medical staffs.

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The Central Government will conduct a telephonic survey and contact every netizen on their mobile phone from the number 1921, through the National Informatics Centre. And the release stated that “This is a genuine survey. All citizens are requested to participate to help get proper feedback on the prevalence and distribution of COVID-19 symptoms. Also, please be aware of any other calls by pranksters or calls from any other number in the guise of such a similar survey. The States/UTs are requested to inform the public about the survey through media. They are also requested to inform people about the official nature of this exercise and create awareness of any other calls by pranksters or phishing/fishing attempts from any other number. They are also to host the information about this survey on the Health Departments’ home pages and other Depts.”