Why Pakistani shows are banned in India?

by Mahima Bhatnagar
Pakistani shows

Boundary tensions between India and Pakistan have been there since 1947 but Bollywood movies and TV shows have somehow been able to survive through partition and beyond the tensions.  Despite this, Bollywood and silver screens are the easy targets of the governments after Pakistan downing the Indian fighter jet plane and deadly attack by the militants on the Indian soldiers. Apart from these, cease fire by Pakistan at the border is very common that insist the government to break all the types of relations with Pakistan. Current government has made attempts to cancel all the trade relations with Pakistan. This also encouraged the ban of Pakistani Shows in India. 

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“An anti-Pakistan” wave

A 48-hour ultimatum was given by Maharashtra Navnirman Sena to all the Pakistani artists to leave India. This was the effect of “Anti-Pakistan” wave going throughout the country. As a result, Zindagi channel that syndicated the content from Pakistan and aired in India has banned all the Pakistani TV shows.  

 In reference of speech given by Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Shareef in United Nation General Assembly,  Chairman at ZEE and Essel Group tweeted that after unfortunate speech given by Shareef, Zee is stopping all   the programmes from Pakistan. He also added, “All the artists from there should leave”.

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This type of “Anti-Pakistan” wave had arisen after the terror attack by Pakistan in which 18 Indian soldiers were killed in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir. Hence, it would be non-patriotic if a country allows the TV or film industry to work smoothly after such kind of inhuman act from any country.

Ban on the performances of Pakistani Artists

India has also banned Pakistani artists for performing in the live concerts, films and TV shows.  This had been the result after Hindu extremists threatened to attack the cinemas showing the films which features Pakistani actors. In the consecutive step taken by Pakistan after India shrunken the water supply to Pakistan, it had also banned the release of Bollywood movies and stop airing the Indian television shows in the country.  It has saddened thousands of Bollywood fans in Pakistan.