Will build Vidyasagar statue PM; don’t want BJP alms: Didi

by Madhvi Bansal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Trinamool Congress Chief Mamta Banerjee got into the verbal war and call each other “Goons” over the vandalisation of statue of Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar at a college in Kolkata. The eco of smashing down of statue was heard faraway in Mau where the PM  Narendra Modi  declared that his party will install a grand statue of Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar at the same place where it was vandalised. He accused Trinamool Congress’s activists for committing the sin of demolishing Vidyasagar statue and said that Bengal’s government is trying to save them by hiding evidences against them.

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Didi responded to the statements made by PM

After the declaration of installation of Vidhyasagar statue, Mamta Banerjee said that Bengal has enough in its coffers to build the statue. It does not want alms of BJP.  In a rally in 24 Parganas, she called Amit Shah as “goonda” and said that he and his party are spreading the fake videos to build the tension among the common people of Bengal. She accuses Shah for disrespecting Bengal as he had said that Bengal is “Kangaal”.  She warns him that she will drag him out of the country.

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Modi called Didi’s behaviour as “goondacracy”

While addressing a rally, Modi said that Mamta banerjee and her nephew consider Bengal as their personal property. He had said that he has watched her on the screen when she was threatening to take control of BJP offices. According to him, people of Bengal who have brought Mamta in power are now disgusted with her government.  He called didi’s agitated behaviour as “goondacracy” in Bengal and tried to convince the crowd that her “goondacracy” is the reason for affecting the development of the state. However, he consoled people by saying that people of Bengal will soon teach a lesson to he