Work from home making you lethargic and fatigued? Cutting down 5 foods from your diet may help!

by Shatakshi Gupta

Now when most of us are working from home, it is really obvious that life can still be somewhat hectic for all of us, but this time we can have a lot of time in our hands, as well as a lot more of energy in our bodies. However, as we all are adapting to this new normal of staying indoors as much as possible, so now some of us are realising that we feel more tired and fatigued than we used to feel before.

 All the work stress, imbalances between our life and work, as well as exhausted mental health can actually turn out to be reasons that can affect our energy levels. In this case we must also realise that the food we eat can also make us feel lethargic and lazy. Particularly, during this lockdown, even when everyone is having home-cooked food, it is not completely healthy every time. If you are feeling fatigued or tired every time, then here are 5 foods you must cut out of your diet.

Cookies, cakes and muffins 

Even though a dessert after your meal makes you feel perfect, but it might not be the best thing to do to your energy levels. When we say of cookies, cakes, and muffins, then we find that all these three are made with almost the same ingredients that are refined as well as sugary which makes you feel lazy. If you have a cookie after lunch, you are very likely to feel sleepy and unable to concentrate on your work.

Refined grains

Food stuffs like rice, pasta, etc which are made with refined grains can even make you feel low on energy and also lazy. Did you ever gave a thought to how after having rice for lunch, you start feeling extremely sleepy or heavy-eyed? The worse thing is that these food items contain only carbs, which gives you a sudden rush of energy followed by an energy crash.

Sugary drinks 

If you really think that these sugary drinks are helping you in giving a boost to your energy levels, then you are actually wrong over this. These drinks are just loaded with sugar and carbs. However, these drinks may do the same thing – give you a sudden boost of energy followed by a dip. Sometimes these drinks may also contain caffeine, which has tendency of making you dependent on them.

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Coffee and tea 

Almost maximum of us start our day either coffee or tea, as it refreshes us and makes us feel so much better. However, needing a cup of tea or coffee at the beginning of the day just indirectly reflects that you are not serving your body with the correct nutrients and with the right amount of rest which it needs. Wiring your brain like that, where it depends on coffee or tea for the sudden boost of energy can be harmful in the long run.


Alcohol does make one feel energetic for a short while, however, regular consumption of alcohol can cause serious health issues. Alcohol can also reduce your attention span and focus.