Best scenes from Lust Stories you will relate to 

by Madhvi Bansal
Best scenes from Lust Stories

The recent offering of Netflix based on the lives of Indian women has taken the viewership records by storm. It has shattered all the previous records, with the audience going mad over it. It is a combo of four different stories linked by a command thread of lust. 

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Here’s a list of epic scenes from the web series that you will definitely relate to. 

Radhika Apte as kalindi  is everyone of us dealing with an affair. 

Being 12 years younger than her husband kalindi wanted to get an experience of everything but her slender age didn’t allowed her. She did tried a lot but failed to identify herself more than just a fling. She was of the opinion that she will end up just being a fling. 

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When Kalindi fails to explain her own point 

Ever happened to you that you wanted someone to believe in you very badly but you are unable to make him understand what’s your point.  Inside your mind you know what you intend to say but you cannot just express it, something in the similar fashion happened to Kalindi, to find out more go watch it. 

Portrayal of Bhumi Pednekar  as a typical Indian maid – Sudha

This scene depicts the dependence on maids of rich Indian families. Sudha from being a trusted maid to a trusted sex partner is still a better story than many. She ends up having an affair with Ajit. 

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When Reena ends up affair on her terms 

Reena is portrayed as a much more self sufficient character most of us can relate to. It was her choice to be in  an affair, and when she parted ways with her lover still it was her choice. She hasn’t succumbed to the pressure at all. 

When Megha’s mother in-laws ask her for a baby 

Most of the newly married couples can relate to this. The pressure you family applies on you to plan a child is unimaginable, the same happened with Megha. Her expressions on hearing these words were worth watching. 

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