5 Reasons ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ is the New Gold Standard for Teen Rom-Coms

by Shatakshi Gupta
5 reasons

The human life has a couple number of phases first when you are child then comes the phase when you become a kid and then follows the phase when you become a teenager and enter into an adolescent, I guess adolescent is the phase which you remember for the rest of you life.it is the phase when you realize you have something in your body that pumps all the neurotransmitters functions and allegedly makes you realize that there is something which performs a role scientifically known as the hormones. You encounter new things happening around and you start getting attracted to a lot of things which never attracted you before puberty.

Everyone has a lot of friends in their teenage whom they wanted to say a lot of heartfelt things but avoided to say, these people are always special to you and these people are known as Crush. Here is a story below that will make you relive all the moments you have experienced in your adolescents.

Do you remember the tenures in your teenage when you accidentally see someone and you start feeling great, when that single person becomes the reason for you to go to college or school, like when you understand that you have a crush on someone When you start getting that feeling of putting in extra efforts for getting ready to dress up in ways the crush would compliment you, when you can get an equal level of thrills and nervous at the same time, when you suddenly become oblivion while talking to someone, when you get butterflies tickling in your stomach as soon as you see someone, these are the same feelings which you will encounter while you watch this Netflix movie which is “To all the Boys I have loved before.”

Based on Jenny Han’s novel titled as same as the movie is a Romantic comedy on Netflix. This movie can be said as the best one in the era of romantic comedy till date. The cast of the movie is quite commendable in their acting skills and are the once which are the heart rob of all the teenagers of this generation. This movie is starred by everyone’s favorite, “John Hughes”. This movie has set up a gold standard of how a romantic comedy must be and that makes it the must-watch of all times.

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The story is based on a high school girl named LARA JEAN COVEY (Lana condor), this girl had this mysterious habit of writing letters with unidentified subjects to her crushes, which she likely will never give to her crushes. At the present time, her crush was this very handsome boy of high school, who was apparently and unfortunately dating her elder sister and was her best friend. The story takes a hilarious turn when all of Lara’s letters get delivered to their respective subjects which were her crushes. After all this happened Lara panics and enters into an agreement with one of the recipients of the letters for whom she had felt in the past but did not have any feelings now. This person was Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo).The boy was also ready for this agreement because he wanted to make his ex-girlfriend whom he though was the mean girl Gen (Emilija Baranac) jealous. While Lara would also make Josh off this incident. Here will the most romantic comedy begin.


The whole story revolves around Lara her mental dilemma, her thoughts and her outlook about her life, all of these incidents are beautifully crafted in the movie, there is an incident where she realized that there comes a time when you start developing real feelings for the boyfriend/girlfriend you have fake feelings for, then she realizes maybe that is the case only for herself because this had happened to her in her real life. But rightly said fake relationships can be said as the roots for any movie of the romantic comedy genre whether you talk about the movie Pretty women or every Sandra Bullock movie. All the movies of Romantic – comedy genre can be well known for their unpredictability and happening of the unexpected. These movies won’t go around as per you expectation.


Lana condor is a famous and talented Asian American actress and she has very well proved it in the movie to all the boys I have loved before.In spite of the fact the release of this movie clashed with the release of “Crazy rich Asians” both the movies had promising actors but still Lana condor proved her talent and the flags of success of this movie floated high in the sky and this movie was considered as one of the best movies in Rom-Com genre. This movie has a Korean plot and the family in the film keeps revolving around the Korean health drink Yakult, It was important for keeping a base of an American father and an Asian mother to maintain the basics of the book that helped in maintaining the reality of the movie in reference to the book. There were a lot of rejections for this movie as every producer wanted to white wash the movies but latter they found the producer who maintained the simplicity and reality of the story keeping it Asian American.


Peter Kavinsky can be pictured as the best example of a boyfriend that every girl aspires for, the role performed by this man is exceptionally commendable and his acting skills are tremendous. The role performed by him of the bad boy with a soft heart has won everybody’s appreciation. But Peter is not just the man to fulfill the check list of every girl friend but also this man is ideal in the revolution of the romantic comedy genre. In the movie Peter has played his role in a very beautiful manner he is pictured s a man who would always take care of his girl and he gets into the limelight because of his appearance and deeds.in the movie he writes beautiful letters for Lara to comfort her and also make her feel good, in some part of the movie he is seen making fun of Lara because of her mean girlfriend but in the latter part he was a man with a golden heart and took great care of Lara.


John Hughes played the role of the boy for whom all the girls of high school were ready to die for. He displayed his acting skills perfectly every emotion he gave appeared to real and heart winning; his role added a twist and suspense to the movie. The movie had scenes which were fun-loving and worth to be remembered and recalled one of the scenes is when peter enters the school with one hand in the back pocket of Lara.



The movie has been shot on really beautiful places and the cinematography of the movie is worth complimenting.Inspite of the fact that most of the romantic comedies do not have a scenic appearance as the preference. It’s really commendable that how the director Susan Johnson and director of photography Michael Dimognari did the screening so vibrant colors and made us feel the color of love is everywhere in the movie. They beautifully displayed all the feel calm and composed.

Thus, here are all the reasons we have provided you with, for why you must watch this movie. This is among one of the highest-rated Rom – Com movies and you will only know this when you, yourself will watch it.