Capitol Hill Violence: Trump Supporters Attack Parliament Building In US; Opposition Blames Trump For Civil War Like Situation

by Shatakshi Gupta

Supporters of US President Donald Trump, who is unwilling to give up even after a bitter defeat in the presidential election, were forcefully enter Parliament Capitol Hill on Wednesday and spread violence. Trump’s supporters entered the Capitol Hill building, a symbol of American democracy, when lawmakers were preparing to officially announce Joe Biden’s victory in the election.

Trump supporters suddenly entered Parliament and security personnel had to take MPs to the army camp. One protester has died in this violence and an explosive like IED has also been recovered. 

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Following the violence of Trump supporters, a large number of security forces have been deployed inside the Parliament House and the proceedings have now resumed. On the other hand, Trump’s opponents have called it an attempt to wage civil war.  Meanwhile, leaders around the world are criticizing the violence.

 Protesters clashed with police outside parliament, MPs had to flee

Source: ANI News

 Trump supporters clashed with the police several times in front of the Capitol Hill building, and many managed to enter the Parliament as well. Meanwhile, there was an atmosphere of chaos inside Parliament and many MPs had to leave their work. At the same time, the doors of the Senate were closed safely. It is being told that the senators were taken to a US Army camp to keep them safe. In the US at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Trump’s opposition to Arizona’s electoral vote was debated inside the Senate.

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Source: ANI News

Meanwhile, it is heard that the protesters have entered and they are outside the Senate Chamber. After this the debate was stopped. The protesters reached the third floor of the Senate and during this time they were fiercely shouting slogans.  Security personnel had to fire a gun to drive away the protesters.

 Donald Trump’s tweet provoked further controversy, Twitter suspended his account

 Meanwhile, in an unprecedented move, Twitter has banned President Donald Trump’s account for 12 hours on Wednesday. Trump had been making false statements about the election continuously when his supporters entered the Parliament.  Earlier, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube removed all short videos of Donald Trump’s speech. In these videos, he was telling his supporters to go home but was also alleging that the election was rigged.

Source: ANI News

Trump posted the video two hours after the protesters entered the Capitol Hill building. Twitter issued a statement saying that three of Donald Trump’s tweets need to be removed as a result of the ongoing violent situation in Washington, as these tweets violate our Civic Integrity Policy.  Twitter has said that this means Donald Trump’s account will remain locked for 12 hours after deleting these tweets.  If the tweets are not deleted, their Twitter account will remain locked.