PM Modi’s Personal Website Twitter Handle Was Hacked, Hackers Demanded Donation In Cryptocurrency

by Shatakshi Gupta

Twitter account of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was hacked by hackers on Thursday. The news was confirmed by Twitter itself. Hacker tweeted one after one from the PM Modi’s Personal Website Twitter Handle.

 Hacker had demanded cryptocurrency in Donation for the COVID-19 Relief Fund. The tweets, which have since been taken down, asked the followers to donate to the PM National Relief Fund through cryptocurrency. “Yes, this account is hacked by John Wick (, We have not hacked Paytm Mall,” another message had said. The compromised account has about 2.5 million followers.

 However, these tweets were deleted immediately. Twitter said that they had information about the activity of Prime Minister Modi’s website account and now steps are being taken to secure it.

 Hacked accounts of other famous personalities

This news of hack is just an addition in the list of hacked accounts of famous personalities this year. Former US President Barack Obama, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Joe Biden have also been a victim of hacking.

Hackers had also have hacked the Twitter handle of big companies. In a tweet made from the Bill Gates’s hacked account,  the hacker tweeted “Everyone has been asking me to return to the society, now that time has come. You send me a thousand dollars and I will send you two thousand dollars back.” Many other people had complained about this.

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After the incident of the bitcoin scam, hundreds of people were trapped in the hacker trap. They sent more than one million dollars. The interesting thing is that these tweets were deleted in a few minutes.

John Wick Group                    

The name of John Wick Group was also found in Paytm Mall data theft.  Cybersecurity firm Cybele claimed on 30th August that John Wick Group had stolen the data of Paytm Mall.  The firm claimed that the hacker group had demanded a ransom.  However, Paytm rejected the claims of being stolen.

Pakistani hackers might be behind this

 Earlier, the personal website of Union Minister G Kishan Reddy was targeted by Pakistani hackers.  The website was hacked on Independence Day and hackers posted messages related to Pakistan.  The incident was later confirmed by G. Kishan Reddy’s office in Hyderabad. There is a high possibility of indulgence of Pakistani hackers in this incidence