China Has Been Giving Coronavirus Vaccine To Its People Since A Month Ago

by Shatakshi Gupta

China, which has spread the coronavirus worldwide, gave vaccines to its people a month ago.  China’s National Health Commission on Saturday revealed that it has been giving vaccine doses to its people since July 22.  However, the Commission did not state which of the four vaccines reached in the final phase of the clinical trial in China were given to the people.  Not only this, but the Commission also claimed that the vaccine had no ill effects on people.

 The vaccine is given to medical and immigration staff

Zheng Zhongwei, director of China’s NHC, said the vaccine had only been given to immigration officials and medical staff at an early stage.  He argued for this, that the cases of coronavirus in China are now coming from abroad.  Immigration officials were therefore required to be vaccinated. Health officials are treating Corona-infected patients, so they are also vulnerable.

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 How safe is the Chinese vaccine?

 China started giving vaccine doses to its people three weeks earlier than the Russian vaccine.  However, the similarity between the two vaccines is that both vaccines have not proved the standards during clinical trials.  When the whole world is struggling to produce the Coronavirus vaccine and secure human lives, this trick of China has again exposed its true face.

China and Papua New Guinea clash over vaccine trial

 A few days ago, Papua New Guinea announced that it was preparing to return the Chinese mine workers.  These workers were put on trial by the Chinese government for the coronavirus vaccine.  Papua New Guinea said these people could be a threat to the country.  Due to this, the diplomatic dispute has also arisen in both countries.

Russia launched Sputnik vaccine on August 11

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country has made the world’s first coronavirus vaccine.  He also said that Russia’s Ministry of Health has approved this coronavirus vaccine.  The vaccine derives its name from Russia’s first satellite Sputnik, which was launched by the Russian Space Agency in 1957.  Even at that time, the space race between Russia and America was at its peak.  There was a rivalry between the US and Russia over the development of the Coronavirus vaccine.