COVID-19|India cases rise to 27,977; death toll hits 884

by Aditi

Coronavirus has hit so hard all around the world. The number of affected people is increasing every passing of the day. Even in India,  the patients of COVID-19 is increasing. So far, 27,977 cases (COVID-19) have been reported in this country. Of these,6185 people have recovered and 884 people have died. The treatment of 17610 people continues. According to the data released by the Health Ministry, in the last 24 hours,2000 new cases have been reported in the country and 37 people have died.  Let’s see what is the condition of the states.


Maharashtra has the highest number of cases in the country. So far 7,628 cases have been confirmed here. So far, 840 people have recovered and 332 people have died. Gujarat is the worst affected after Maharashtra. 3071 cases have been reported here and of these 258 people have been cured. At the same time 133 people have died. More than 2625 cases have also been confirmed in Delhi. . Of these, 808 people have recovered and 54 people have died.


Apart from these, there are four states where more than 1500 cases have been reported. Of these, 2803 cases have been confirmed in Rajasthan. Of these, 230 people have been cured and 33 have died. 2096 cases have been confirmed in Madhya Pradesh. Of these, 203 people have recovered and 99 people have died.

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