Data Theft: Data Of 20 Million Big Basket Users Has Been Leaked; Put For Sale On Dark Web

by Shatakshi Gupta

Once again, there have been reports of online leaking of users’ data.  This time the data of 20 million users of the e-commerce grocery giant, Big Basket, has been leaked.  According to cyber intelligence company Cyble, the hacker has put this data on the Dark website to sell for 40,000 USD (about INR 29.5 lakh).

The company has filed a complaint with the cybercrime cell in Bengaluru after the data breach.  Cyble wrote in the blog that their research team found in its routine web monitoring that Big Basket data is being sold for $40,000 in the cybercrime market, the file of this database is about 15GB, with about 20 million users.

Leaked data includes password

 According to the Cyble’s report, in the leaked data, the username, e-mail, password, mobile number, address, date of birth, location, even the IP address of the login are given. 

Cyble has mentioned password in the data, which means one-time password (OTP) which is received through SMS when the user logs in and it changes every time. The report stated that the theft of data occurred on October 30, 2020.  Big basket management has been informed about this. 

Financial details of users are completely safe

 On this matter, Big Basket said, “A few days ago we came to know about big data theft.  Together with cybersecurity experts, we are finding out how big it is and how much truth is there in it.  Also, we are looking for ways to stop it immediately.  We have also filed a complaint in Cyber ​​Cell Bangalore. We are trying our best to catch the culprits.  Privacy and security of customers’ data is our priority.  We do not store their financial data like credit card numbers etc. And we are confident that such data is completely safe.”

What is the Dark Web?

There are many websites on the Internet that do not fall under the mostly used search engines like Google, Bing, and general browsing.  These are called dark net or deep net.  Such websites can be accessed with the help of specific authorization processes, software and configurations.

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Dark web is only part of Internet searching, but cannot be found on search engines in general.  This type of site requires a special browser to open, called TOR( The Onion Router).  Dark web sites are hidden with the help of TOR encryption tool. These sites and the activities happening there cannot be tracked easily, which is why Dark Web is the biggest hub of Cybercrimes.