For those who have 6 day work, here escape for you

by Madhvi Bansal

Most of the 9-5 jobs for 6 days a week makes you fully exhausted to have personal time. It also causes stress, burnout and few other types of physical and psychological health issues. Considering the growing level of stress at the workplaces, there is a need to maintain a good work-life balance.  It helps the individuals to give better output at the work and enjoy their personal lives too. If you are working for 6 days a week then here are some tips which can help you to bring work-life balance and make your life much better. 

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Set your priority

 Setting the priorities in life is one of the simplest mantra for getting successful and maintaining life balance. Instead of choosing everything, you need to choose what’s more important for you including your work and family. In this way, you will be able to divide your work into parts and finish them up as per your priority within the set time limit. You will hence not find yourself stuck in the midst of plenty of works which can make you stressed.

Engage in short friendly chats

 Work, work and work all day long increase your stress level and brings the saturation point of boredom. This affects your productivity at work and makes you feel irritated about everything.  By getting engaged in short friendly chats with your colleagues or friends while in office can make you feel lighten. Friendly chats refreshes you and makes your mind to get divert from the monotony of work.

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Take break

Working for 6 days in a week enhances your stress level without any prior notice. If you need to avoid trapping into the work related stress then doesn’t forget to take breaks. Take nap during lunch break, enjoy coffee with your friends, take out spare time on weekend for your family, share fun time with your spouse, go for the long drive and party whenever you get time.  It will help in reducing your stress level and enable you to achieve work life balance.

Look for the job enrichment

 Loss of interest is the common concern when you have to work on a single project for a long time. Your creativity too gets lost and your mind will be unable to generate new ideas. Thus, talk with your manager or senior about the job enrichment so that job becomes more interesting for you. Job enrichment gives you satisfaction and gives self management in duties to the employees.