Hackers Hit Indian Stock Broker Upstox; Company Alerts Its Users For Data Leak

by Shatakshi Gupta

After the recent data leaks of big organizations like MobiKwik, Facebook and LinkedIn, now another company has fallen prey to hackers. Retail broking company Upstox has alarmed its customers about a major data leak. The company has said that contact data and KYC details of customers have been leaked.  However, with this, the company has assured that the fund and security details of the customers are completely safe.

Ravi Kumar, co-founder and CEO of Upstox, said on the company’s website that the funds and security data of the customers are completely safe. 

What company says about this?

According to the report, a spokesperson for the company said in an emailed reply, “After receiving e-mail claims of unauthorized access to our database, we had placed a leading international cybersecurity firm in a third-party data warehouse system in KYC. We have asked to check the data breach.”

The spokesman said that hackers have put samples of our data on the dark web. The spokesperson said that under the measures taken immediately, the company has taken several security measures, especially in its third party warehouse.

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The company alerted its users

The broking firm said that we have set the password anew for all the Upstox users in a safe way, through caution. Upstox gives top priority to the safety of its customers.

The spokesperson said, “The funds and securities of all the customers of Upstox are safe.”  We have given the information of this incident to the concerned authorities.” The company further said that they are not yet aware of how many customers’ data has been leaked.

The company has asked all the customers to set a new unique strong password that is different from the old password. Apart from this, it has been said not to share OTP with anyone.  Along with this, customers have been asked to avoid any kind of online fraud and check every link properly.

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