Why Saif married Amrita Ali

by Madhvi Bansal
Saif married Amrita Ali

It was the setting of nineties when there was a trend that Bollywood actors preferred to marry someone from the same industry, preferably love marriage. Saif and Amrita were no different. 

With Saif being the charming young lady of the industry, Amrita was the typical Punjabi kudi of the industry you could imagine of. For the first time they met on the set of Rahul Rawali’s film . Saif was debuting from that very film, while Amrita was a big face in the industry at that time. 

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They both admit it wasn’t a love at first site, but Saif also admitted that she left a soft impression on his heart . Within a few days of that initial meeting Saif called Amrita to catch up as he was unable to get over her, they did and started to develop a bond. 

Though not officially,  they kept on dating each other which grew into both visiting each other’s places and spending loads of time together.  While Amrita was already a star Saif was still a newcomer in the industry, rumours were fast spread regarding their love life. Little did they both cared about what the public thought of them they continued to make love. 

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Despite the major age difference between Amrita and Saif, they decided to marry each other, which took the media and the industry by surprise. They didn’t cared of what people will think of them they just got tied with each other.  Marriage was a decision arrived at with mutual consent including the consent of both the families. 

I guess this is what you call true love when a person surpasses the boundaries of religion, caste, gender and decides to get his/her true love. Same did Saif Ali Khan, didn’t cared of what public will think of him marrying a girl almost double of his age, he listened to his heart’s voice and got married with Amrita.