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Highest Number Of Women MPs – And Other Key Facts About This Lok Sabha

by Madhvi Bansal
Women MPs

As the results for the Lok Sabha General Elections 2019 have rolled in, a lot of interesting things can be noticed about this time’s constitution of the lower house of the Parliament. The BJP has won the elections by winning 303 seats and achieving a clear majority in the House. Here are some key facts about the Lok Sabha. 

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The representation distribution among the parties and the candidates is a first timer

The BJP has the maximum representation in the Lok Sabha out of all the national parties, followed by the Congress having 52 and the TMC having only 22. Among the regional parties, the DMK managed to win 23 seats and the YSRCP won 23 seats, which is also a big achievement in itself. There are 300 MPs in the 27th Lok Sabha who have been elected to the House for the first time. Notable among these are Smriti Irani, who won from Amethi, and Sunny Deol. 12% of all MPs are below the age of 40, while the average age of an MP is 54 years. This is a huge improvement from last time’s 8% and 68 years respectively. Around 400 MPs have also received education up to the graduate level. This is a big achievement as it signifies the movement of the people towards the educated youth and not just blindly electing people on the basis of their stature. 

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 The representation of Women has also increased considerably

The representation of women in the Lok Sabha elections has also increased considerably, both as candidates and Members of Parliament. Over 700 women contested in the elections, out of which around 80 have been elected as MPs. This is a big improvement over last time’s tally of only 55 seats. However, last time around 25% of the cabinet was female at the time of the swearing in, with 6 out of 25 ministers being female, including HRD minister Smriti Irani and External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj. This time’s allocations have not been announced, but that number is only expected to go up higher. 

Modi will be sworn in along with his cabinet on 30th of May, sources say.  

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