Home Delivery Of Liquor In Delhi: Vendors Can Apply For License From Today

by Shatakshi Gupta

From today, sellers will be able to apply for a license to allow home delivery of liquor in Delhi. The Delhi government has implemented a revised policy regarding the delivery of liquor.  According to the Excise (Amendment) Rules, 2021, from today, L-13 license holders will be allowed to deliver liquor at the doorstep of customers.

Online Delivery with some restrictions

 In the issued notification, it has been said that license holders will be able to deliver liquor at homes only through a mobile app or online web portal. No delivery will be made to Hostel, Office and Institute. The announcement was made by the Delhi government on June 1 after amending the excise rules governing the trade of liquor in the national capital. Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab, Jharkhand, Odisha are among the states where home delivery of liquor is allowed.

What does the rule say?

 Under the new rule, the notification issued by the Delhi government states that ‘delivery of liquor will not be done in any hostel, office or institution, only home delivery will be done. Besides, license holders cannot sell liquor to anyone on their premises for consumption.

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 The government has clarified that under the new excise rules, home delivery of liquor has been allowed in Delhi through mobile apps and portals. However, this does not mean that all liquor shops across Delhi will be allowed to deliver liquor. Only L-13 license holders will be allowed to do home delivery and not every liquor shop in the city.

 Delhi Excise Policy 2010 also had provisions for home delivery of liquor, but requests could also be made through e-mail or fax. However, there was never any home delivery of liquor in Delhi.  According to sources related to the Delhi government, when the lockdown was lifted in the month of May in 2020, there was a huge crowd gathered at the liquor shops. This was also seen in other states. Regarding which the Supreme Court had also expressed concern and said that the states should consider home delivery of liquor in view of the corona.

How to order?

Home delivery of liquor can be made available via mobile apps or online web portals. You may use any food and beverages delivery app to order from licensed retailers. However, the Delhi government has not yet cleared,  whether it is allowing any private existing delivery platforms or introducing its own platform.

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