How Indian army was trained for surgical strike?

by Madhvi Bansal
Indian army was trained for surgical strike

The cross border operation conducted by Indian army in September, 2016 after Uri attack was a major step taken by the Indian army against terrorism. On September 28th, 2016 Surgical strike was done by special force commandos to stand brave against terrorism that has been consistently deteriorating the peace in India. Surgical strike was however successful and let the Indian army to confirm their victory over terrorism. Well, through the movie Uri, everybody came to know about surgical strike and how it was done but do you know how was the Indian army trained for that? Lt General (retired) D S Hooda has disclosed in an interview how the Indian army was trained for this whole operation.

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Mastermind of 2016 Surgical strike

Former army general D S Hooda was the man behind 2016 Surgical strike. It was his strong planning that made the operation successful. In an interview, he told that Indian army was being trained for the surgical strike almost a year before the Uri attack. Lt General (retired) D S Hooda was heading the northern  command when Surgical strike was done in 2016.

Revert of the inhuman act by terrorists

In the Uri attack 2016, 19 Indian army men were burnt alive while they were asleep. Terrorists somehow managed to enter into the army’s premises and burnt their tents in which they were sleeping. Recalling the Uri attack, Lt General (retired) D S Hooda said that he was there in the evening of Uri attack and walking through the ashes of burnt tents that was 4 inches thick with the Army Chief. He said that we discussed that something has to be done soon as this should not let pass anyway. When sorting out the best possible options, they came out with the special commandos who were being trained at that time for about a year for handling such type of situations. Hooda said that special forces were being trained just to tackle the situation when they had to raid cross border in Pakistan. After Uri attack, it was the right time when the trained commandos had to prove their purpose of training. 

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Feeling after successful surgical strike

Hooda said, “ When you see soldiers who go across the border and carry out raids on terrorist camps and come back, it is because all through their lives, they have worked and worked and worked.” He said that he had always say to his commandos that if you want to bleed less in the war, you have to sweat high in the peace. It was their strategic planning and love for motherland and Indians that made them to raid on the terrorist launch pads in Pakistan.