How much expense per day the princess spend on themselves

by Madhvi Bansal

Being a royal princess certainty has its own perks, everything seems to be happening on a large scale. No luxury is compromised with everything is taken care of. Same applies to the expense which the royal princess made on themselves. They never seemed to be affected by the recession or anything. They always maintained a standard of living which required huge chunks of money to be spent. 

Spending on personal grooming  

The largest part of their overall spending was comprised of expenses on self beautification requirements. They have to look good no matter at what expense they were attaining that beauty. They were in practice of using the costliest of the herbs and natural resources which helped them to look good. They were spending on makeup cosmetics whatever was available at that time like kajal whitening powder sindoor and many more to make up the list. Clothes with heavy embroidery work were always one of the favourites as far as princess are concerned they used to buy a new dress for each day , and on multiple occasions of prestige they used to change clothes more than once a day as per the need of the occasion hence arrangements were to made to meet up such demands

Spending on jewellery and ornaments 

With no argument against the fact that jewellery certainty adds up to the beauty of women, it magnifies their beauty to several times.  It’s a world known fact that women can die for jewellery. As far as royal princess are considered they required jewellery in abundance, a different set for each occasion without repetition. Which took huge sums of money. 

Other prolific spending

  • Spending on food stuff, the royal quality food they were accustomed of eating, took some amount of spending. 
  • Spending on transport means, princesses used the most sophisticated carts to roam around. 
  • Wages of the Army of servants they used to deploy at their service.
  • Overall it was quite an high level of expenditure which was made to uphill the standard of living of royal princesses.