Joe Biden Will Be The 46th President Of The USA; Kamala Harris Will Be The First Woman Vice-President; How Is It Good For Indians?

by Shatakshi Gupta

In the US presidential election, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden defeated his Republican rival, Donald Trump, on Saturday.  This information has been given in the reports of major American media institutions. According to a CNN report, 77-year-old former Vice President Biden will be the 46th President of the United States after winning the state of Pennsylvania.  After the victory in this state, Biden got more than 270 ‘Electoral College votes’, which is the winning number.

Biden has served as the Vice President during former President Barack Obama’s tenure before becoming the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party.  He also has been Delaware’s longest-serving senator.

Besides, the Indian-born Kamala Harris has created history by becoming the elected Vice President of the United States.  She is the first woman in the US to be elected to this position.  Not only this, Harris will be the first Indian, Black and African American Vice President. 

In August, Biden, who was a Democratic Party candidate for the presidential election, chose Harris as the vice-presidential candidate.  Harris had abandoned her presidential dream citing lack of financial resources for campaigning.

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Good News for Indians

Biden is about to grant US citizenship to more than 10 million immigrants.  Biden will work to create a roadmap towards granting citizenship to the 1.1 crore immigrants, which includes five lakh Indians.  According to this plan, 95,000 people will be given American citizenship every year.

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 According to a document released during Biden’s election campaign, he would immediately begin working with the Congress to pass legislative immigration reform that would modernize his system.  This includes preparing a citizenship roadmap for 1.1 crore unspecified immigrants.  These immigrants include Indians who will get the benefit.

The Democrats’ election document said the Biden administration would support family-based immigration and preserve family integration as a core principle of America’s immigration system, including reducing the family visa backlog, according to news agency PTI.