TikTok Ban In The US: Users Won’t Be Able To Download It From Sunday

by Shatakshi Gupta

Yet another bad news for the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok.  According to a report of Reuters, President Donald Trump has announced a ban on TikTok in America.

According to the report, apart from Tiktok, people won’t be able to download even We Chat from Sunday onwards.  TikTok has around 100 million users in the United States.  Earlier TikTok was banned in India. 

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Ban can be uplift

 The US Department of Commerce has issued an order on Friday by which users will not be able to be downloaded the Chinese video-sharing app Tiktok and WeChat in the US from Sunday, 20 September. However, it is believed that Trump may withdraw this decision.  In fact, Bytedance is in the direction of selling Tiktok’s American operations to native American companies.

Trump talks to Oracle representatives

 Before this action, Donald Trump said that he had negotiated with Walmart and Oracle representatives to decide on Tiktok.  Last month, Trump signed an executive order banning Tiktok and WeChat, under which both Chinese companies can avoid the ban by giving ownership to an American company.  Tiktok is currently owned by ByteDance of China.  Microsoft was initially involved in negotiations with Tiktok, although now Oracle and Walmart are in talks with ByteDance in this regard.

 Tiktok’s Global office in America

 Trump said he is looking for the bid by American company Oracle for Tiktok, but he wants to ensure that there is no compromise with national security before approving the deal.  In the meantime, Bytedance has decided to establish Tiktok’s global headquarters in the US.  The company has taken this route to avoid US President Donald Trump’s order banning it.