Kapil Dev Iconic Natraj Shot Recreated by Ranveer Singh

by Madhvi Bansal
ranveer singh recreated natraj shot

Ranveer Singh recently shared his picture of the upcoming film 83. If people are surprised what the movie is all about then it is based on a cricket team that bought India’s first Cricket World Cup, home in 1983. Actor Ranveer Singh is playing the lead role of the former captain of team India Kapil Dev and keeps on sharing images related to the film. Recently he posted a picture of himself recreating the cricketers famous shot called ‘Natraj shot’. People from the entire cricket world and Bollywood industry are quite amazed to see the pictures of Ranveer Singh as famous Kapil Dev. The way Ranveer Singh implemented the Kapil Dev act got him all the attention. People are applauding Ranveer for versatility on the silver screen. Fans are so curious to know about the Natraj shot, that they have Google to know more about it. The director of the movie Kabir Singh also posted a photograph and wrote on the Instagram account about how people will enjoy the movie and how the innings have been recreated and recorded that never saw. Actor Deepika Padukone will be playing the role of Ranveer Singh’s on-screen wife Romi Dev in the movie. Internet is pretty much happy with Ranveer Singh’s new pictures from the movie and social media has been flooded with memes.

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Natraj Shot Photoshoped

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is all set to play world cup winning Indian Skipper Kapil Dev in his upcoming movie 83. A recent photo of this movie and the iconic shot ‘Natraj shot’ has impressed the cricketers as well, but the photo is now at the mid of a unique Photoshop battle online in which it is being modified with the hilarious results. Few people on Twitter felt that a photo did not do justice with the image of the star and his typical sense of fashion. People have started adding colorful clothes to his photos and became a full-fledged battle online. Some memories featured actor Ranveer Singh dancing on a pole with his picture, which is also compared to the daily struggle of the Mumbai citizens traveling in local trains, and few have changed his bat with everyday items, from mosquito bats to a mop.