Video Is Going Viral About Baby Owls or Aliens

by Madhvi Bansal
baby owls

Stories about extra Terrestrial life always leave people engrossed. Now a days a story is getting viral   on Twitter about aliens,.  A tweet posted by Daniel Holland, this twitter user makes fun about some creatures that look like aliens that are found on earth. Holland wrote, ‘that I am pretty much sure that people those who claim have seen aliens must have seen baby owls.’ He has also posted a video based on this on his Twitter account. Over 5 million views have been generated, since the video has been shared on his account and the video has gained a lot of attention all across the world. Around 3 lakh people have liked the video. People are dropping a lot of comments on the video of the two feathery creature with big round eyes. Few people are scared of these images and few are taking them in a funny way. This video has emerged in such a way that, way back in 2017, it was captured by some people at a construction site in Visakhapatnam. Earlier it went viral with the claim that these creatures seen in the video are aliens.  Few people started sharing these videos so much,  that the officials of Zoological Park have to come forward to reveal the truth about these creature. Shivani Dongre of Nehru Zoological Park said, that these birds are barn owl species.  Their heart shaped faces and downward beaks are their features.  Since it takes time for baby owls to grow their feathers, they look different from their grown-up ones.

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Truth About This Viral Video

On the contrary to what a viral Twitter video may have you believe; barn owls are not aliens.  They are sweet incredible birds that have a series of spooky looking adaptations that help them in surviving. This video came into existence in 2017, multiple sources reported that construction workers trip over these scary birds known as Barn Owls, at a site in Visakhapatnam, capital of South Eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. According to Kevin McGowan of Cornell Lab of Ornithology “baby barn owls are some of the creepy looking creatures on earth.” According to McGowan, this  baby Barn owl  in this video was probably between 2 and 3 weeks old, that’s they don’t have full grown owl feathers which we use to see. According to him these baby owls have a lot of feathers on them which makes them look white.  He says, that these baby owls are working in developing their muscles and growing other parts of their bodies before they give their energy in forming the body or contour feathers for which owls are known. McGowan said, the faces of these Barn owls are very freaky. Most people would be right to assume that these owls have a round shape face, but they have a flat Skull. If you look close to the barns, you’ll notice that their face is divided into half. Barn owls have great hearing ability. Most prey animals like sparrows, deer, and rabbits have eyes on the sides of their heads so that they can easily turn their neck around, but, predators on the other hand like jaguar, owls, and humans have eyes on the front of their head. Owls have a distinctive feature of turning around their neck, as they can’t move their eyes inside their eye sockets.