Man suspected of coronavirus commits suicide by jumping off in Safdarjung Hospital

by Madhvi Bansal

The 35-year-old man commits suicide by jumping from 7th floor in Safdarjung hospital after suspected of coronavirus. When he comes back to India from Sydney airport authority found suspects coronavirus and immediately admit him to the isolation ward of Safdarjung hospital. He was admitted on Wednesday at 9 pm after suspecting a coronavirus patient.

The patient coming back from Sydney in Australia and complained of a headache. Then he sends it to the Safdarjung hospital. After that, his samples had been taken and sent for testing. At that time he opened the gate of isolation ward forcefully and jumped off the 7th floor of the hospital.

Yesterday in an official statement the hospital admits that “A 35- year old man commits suicide at PS-Safdarjung Enclave vide DD No. 42A by jumping from 7th floor of SSB building. He respects as a coronavirus patient by the airport authority and admit to the isolation ward.” He came from Sydney by flight A1-301. He was staying in Sydney for last one year. He complains of having a headache, the statement added.

After inquiring by Delhi Police it came to know that the man is from Punjab and coming back from Sydney, Australia. The reports of his test are still awaited. He admitted into the isolation ward of the hospital and before the doctor arrived the man commits suicide by jumping off from the 7th floor. Meanwhile, another doctor coming out of the building on the ground floor and noticed the body lying on the floor at 9:15 pm. The hospital authority informed the Safdarjung police station and the police arrived at the stop. Delhi police are still investigating the case.

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India has so far reported 161 positive cases. In view of the coronavirus outbreak, Section 144 has been imposed in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.


  • A suspected coronavirus patient found by IGI Airport authority.
  • He immediately shifted to the isolation ward of Safdarjung hospital on Wednesday.
  • The coronavirus suspect has a complaint of a headache.
  • He was staying in Sydney for the past one year and coming back to India on Wednesday.
  • His samples were taken and sent for testing.
  • Meanwhile, the suspected person jumping off from the 7th floor before the doctors arrived.
  • The investigation is still ongoing and reports are awaited.

The suspected person’s family is in shock after knowing that. The reason will know soon as Delhi Police us investigating the case