Minister in one of Germany’s Wealthiest States Commits Suicide Over ‘Coronavirus Fears’

by Shatakshi Gupta

The fact which cannot be denied is that the coronavirus pandemic is continuously increasing as well as adversely affecting all the countries around the world but if we look into the number of cases being reported by all the countries of the world, then we find that the most affected areas currently are the United States Of America, following it the continent of Europe to is in the state where the cases are showing a high increase in their numbers. As of now, there are around 62,000 cases that alone are reported from Germany, and around a total of 7,38,000 cases have been reported across the world with taking the death toll to more than 35,000.

Now as the number of cases is increasing rapidly, so is the awareness as well as the fear of this COVID – 19 is also increasing among the people throughout the world. One of the incidents which showcased this fear was when the finance minister, Thomas Schaefer of the state called Hesse, which is located in Germany, took away his own life, rather he committed suicide under the fears that he would not be able to cope up with the harsh and severe conditions of COVID – 19 disease.

On Saturday, Schaefer’s body was found near the speed railway track line in the town of Hochheim am Main. And the cause of this death of Schaefer is said to be more like suicide as per the prosecutors. One of the heads of the regional government of Hesse, Volker Bouffier said “We are in shock; we are in disbelief and above all we are immensely sad,”

If we talk of Hesse, then it is among one of the wealthiest states of Germany, and also it is the home to the city which is considered to be the financial capital of Europe’s largest economy, Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt am Main also hosts Frankfurt Stock Exchange along with the European Central Bank, as well as the city has the headquarters of the Deutsche Bank, and various other big German Companies too.

The 54 – year old, Thomas Schafer did a lot for this region’s success, thus he is credited with all the contributions which he made from his end during the period of the last ten years, since when he was serving as the finance minister of the region. Also, he was praised by all for his professional qualities as well as for all his work, and it was also anticipated that he was about to replace Bouffier as the state’s PM.

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This COVID – 19 pandemics, however, gave a massive blow to all the businesses and to all these systems, for which he worked thoroughly all these years, the situation worsened as the stocks entered into a free fall and the workforce was locked at home in quarantine.

Bouffier also said that Schaefer left his wife along with his two children behind after his death. Also, he talked about Schaefer’s hard work, the manner in which he worked day and night for minimizing the adverse impact of this pandemic over all the businesses as well as the employees, but all his efforts turned out to insurmountable. This has to be admitted that he was deeply worried and concerned PM said.