Natasha Romanoff is back in Marvel Adventure in First Trailer of Black Widow

by Madhvi Bansal

The trailer of Black Widow is out now and it has a huge surprise! Disney in association with the Marvel has brought us back the first trailer of Black Widow featuring Natasha Romanoff in action. This trailer reveals it is more of a prequel that happens between the time frame of the Civil war and the Infinity war. It has now been confirmed that Natasha Romanoff is back in the new movie and we are about to witness her action-adventure for the last time. Marvels fans had never anticipated this trailer and it was expected to be revealed in the new comic-con.

Black widow is all set to release in summer next year on 01st May 2020. The first few seconds of the trailer reveals more on a journey of Scarlett Johansson into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Then it slowly progresses to show how Natasha finds her place in a completely different city and ends up meeting another character as stunning as hers. This new character in the trailer is played by Yelena Belova and they both appear to be training for something big in the red room. What was so unique and looked strange in the first trailer was that Natasha Romanoff was found wearing the white suit.

The rest of the trailer is an action-packed adventure as Natasha and Yelena Belova confront each other in a sharp fight. As Yelena Belova found holding the black widow code name, things are going to get interesting in the upcoming movie. Later part of the trailer reveals the bigger action with the ultimate villain Taskmaster. This character of the taskmaster has not been revealed in the first trailer of Black Widow. The chances are high that we may expect MCU to reveal it in further trailers. This trailer also shows a tough battle between the Taskmaster and the Red Guardian before it ends.

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