Strange Protest Of Selling Onion On Loan

by Madhvi Bansal

The sudden boom in the prices of a basic commodity like an onion has left everyone teary-eyed. The skyrocketing prices of onion are no secret with it touching the mark of Rs.100/kg in different parts of India. Earlier this week the prices of onion were sold for than Rs. 100/kg in West Bengal.

In parts of Uttar Pradesh like Prayagraj, Pratapgarh, Bhadohi, Gonda, and Barabanki the high prices of onions have made it more of a luxury item to have in the household than a basic necessity. This has given the opposition parties a chance to protest against the BJP led ruling party in the state.

To register their protest against the Samajwadi Party, an opposition party has adopted an unusual way to protest against the BJP led ruling party. The youth wing of the party has set up a counter in Varanasi to give onions on loan. A Samajwadi worker also said that in some shops onions are also kept in the locker.

In a rather strange idea of protest, the customer is supposed to submit the Aadhar card or silver jewelry as a mortgage in exchange for onions. Presenting it as a unique way to protest against the price hike, the workers have adopted a peculiar way of fleecing the illiterate and the poor, by keeping their jewellery which they bought with their hard-earned money for something as minor as onion and calling it a unique way to protest against the government is beyond anyone’s logical intellect capacity.

This came after the Congress party workers on Friday protested against the price hike in Lucknow by selling it for Rs. 40/kg outside the State Assembly. A Congress leader, Shailendra Tiwari said that the high prices of vegetables have adversely affected the common man and the government is not ready to listen to their pleas.

In an attempt to tackle the price of onion, the Union Cabinet on November 20 has approved the import of 1.2 lakh metric tonne of onion from other countries.

On Saturday, people were standing in long queues outside the Bihar State Cooperative Marketing Union Limited in Patna where onions were being sold at Rs. 35/kg when the market price of it is Rs. 70-80/ kg in several parts of the country. However, if the person showed a wedding card s/he could buy it for Rs. 25/kg. As a large number of people were gathered there, incidents of stampede and stone-pelting occurred which forced the officers to wear headgear.